Little Miss Sunshine Essay

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Little Miss Sunshine

In the exposition the audience is first introduced to Richard on stage giving his ‘9 step’ speech. The directors use a low angle shot suggesting that he is a superior and authoritative character. Richards powerful voice booms through the room when he says the dialogue “there are two types of people in this world winners and losers”, the way Richard speaks makes him appear to be a ‘winner’ and that he truly believes in the ‘9 step’ program he is trying to sell. Dayton and Farris create a false impression of Richard, making the audience believe that he is a “winner”. Ironically once Richard finishes his speech, the camera pans to his audience, which is none other than a classroom of ten people hesintly clapping, this diminishes his position of power instantly. This shows the timeless idea that ‘winning is not everything’ because that when a person who’s only goal is winning are in fact ‘losers’ because they are not learning the important lessons in life that come with this journey so they don’t fully succussed. When people focus to hard on winning they miss out on the more important lessons that come with this adventure.

The idea that winning is everything for Richard creates a false world for him. Richard in his own mind thinks that he is a winner but it is clear to the audience that he is not. Richard is to consumed in winning which leads him into unintentionally being mean to Olive. The dialogue “Don’t apologise Olive, it’s a sign of weakness” shows how Richard is trying to force his beliefs onto Olive. The close up of Olive (that follows) looking nerves and sad that her father thinks she’s weak shows the audience that Richard is too focussed on winning which leads him to hurting innocent Olive . This shows the timeless idea that ‘winning is not everything’ because if we focuses to much on winning that it can lead us to forgetting our morals and hurting the people we love, making us ‘losers’ in the real things that matter like family and love.

Dayton and Farris use the character Richard to show the audience that winning is not everything. On the road journey Richard also takes an emotional journey and discovers that life is not all about winning. Richard slowly changes through out the movie into a true winner because he starts caring for other people and starts to use his ‘9 steps’ rather than blankly speaking about them. Nsdghjgtsjdgh The first sign of this positive change is when. The directors use a two person shot of Richard and the pageant coordinator to show how Richard has changed for the better. The dialogue “what is your daughter doing?” Richard replies “ she’s kicking ass” shows how Richard has changed and now understands that ‘winning is not everything’. In this two person shot Richard appears to be the true winner because has now come to realise the one of the true meanings of winning which is having a loving family, while the pageant coordinator is still focussed on the idea that winning is everything, this shows how Richard was and how he has changed for the better. This shows the timeless idea that winning is not everything because when he realises that it’s not all about winning , he becomes a winner because now he values his values his family and now isn’t focussed on just winning. Dayton and Farris help us to understand that we shouldn’t put all our effort into “stupid meaningless competitions” but instead focus on the truly important things in life. Through Richards change the audience learnt the timeless idea that ‘winning is not everything . Dayton and Farris show that though someone may appear to be a ‘winner’ and successful in life, this is not always true and what is on the inside and how you treat people is more important. By Richard realising that the true values in life are love and relationships not success we are shown that we should focus on the true values in life for us.

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