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Wings of Fire
Original title Wings of Fire
Author Abdul Kalam
Genre Biography
Language English
Characters Clay: A MudWing dragonet and the main protagonist of the series, Starflight: A NightWing dragonet and Clay's best friend, Glory: An AirWing dragonet and one of the three female dragonets of destiny, Sunny: A SandWing dragonet and one of the three female dragonets of destiny, Tsunami: A SeaWing dragonet and one of the three female dragonets of destiny, Queen Coral: The queen of the SeaWings and Tsunami's mother, Queen Scarlet: The queen of the SandWings and Sunny's mother, Queen Glory: The queen of the AirWings and Glory's mother, Queen Moorhen: The queen of the MudWings and Clay's mother
Published July 2012
ISBN 978-0679860991
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Wings of Fire is an autobiographical novel by writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The novel chronicles his life, beginning with his childhood in Lyon, France, and culminating with his years as a pilot for the French Air Force during World War II.The novel covers a wide range of topics, including Saint-Exupéry’s love of flying, his various crashes and near-death experiences, his time working as a commercial pilot in South America, and his observations about war and human nature.Saint-Exupéry’s writing is poetic and lyrical, and he frequently uses aviation metaphors to describe his experiences and emotions. The novel is also notable for its insights into the human condition, and its themes of courage, determination, and hope.Wings of Fire is a classic of 20th-century literature, and has been translated into numerous languages. It remains a popular book with both adults and children, and continues to inspire new generations of readers and pilots.

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