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FAQ about William Golding

What Does Lord of the Flies Say About Human Nature?
...William Golding once said that in writing Lord of the Flies he aimed to trace society's flaws back to their source in human nature. By leaving a group of English schoolboys to fend for themselves on a remote jungle island, Golding creates a kind of h...
How To Read Literature Like a Professor & Lord of the Flies?
...In How To Read Literature Like a Professor, Foster believes that “irony trumps everything,” because it “provides additional richness to the literary dish,” and “keeps us readers on our toes, inviting us, compelling us, to dig through layers...
In what way is “Lord of the Flies” an allergy of the darkness of mans heart?
...Friend called Piggy." This is when Ralph realises that man is essentially evil and that even the adults are too. He realises this because he has a naval officer stood in front of him dressed in his uniform, with a gun and a boat, which are used for k...
And You Shut Up! Who Are You, Anyway? Sitting There Telling People What To Do. You Can’t Hunt, You Can’t Sing—
...William Golding's award winning novel "The Lord of the Flies" shows how anybody could regress into savagery, no matter what the person's background may be. This is the reason Golding used British schoolboys in his story. They are supposed to be some ...
The Lord Of The Flies is a novel which highlights the frailties within humanity
...We have discovered that the novel is very allegorical and every event that happens in the book has a hidden, deeper meaning and should not be taken at face value. Therefore, I think Golding's message is how easy it is to lose grip on reality when put...
What do we learn about Ralph, Piggy and Jack in the First chapter of Lord of the Flies?
...Near to when Jack has been introduced he 'came forward, vaulted onto the platform, with his cloak flying,' this represents either the prince of darkness or a vampire. 'And peered and to what to him was complete darkness.' This represents the dark whi...