Essays on Unferth

Unferth is a minor character in the epic poem Beowulf. He is a warrior of the Geats, and he challenges Beowulf to a swimming match after hearing about the young hero’s victory over Grendel. Unferth is eventually killed by the dragon, along with many other warriors.

Essay themes and ideas about Unferth

  • Unferth’s Jealousy of Beowulf
  • Unferth’s Insecurity and Resentment
  • Unferth’s Lack of Faith in Beowulf
  • Unferth’s Disrespect for Beowulf
  • Unferth’s Envy of Beowulf
  • Unferth’s Jealousy of Beowulf’s Success
  • Unferth’s resentment of Beowulf’s popularity
  • Unferth’s feeling of inferiority to Beowulf
  • Unferth’s lack of confidence in himself
  • Unferth’s self-doubt and insecurity