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To A Skylark
Original title To A Skylark
Author Percy Bysshe Shelley


Language English
Characters The Speaker, Ianthe, The Skylark, And The Nightingale.
Published 1820
ISBN 978-0486264785
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When Shelley was eighteen, he fell in love with Harriet Westbrook, a sixteen-year-old girl who was also his cousin. Shelley became obsessed with her and wrote many love poems to her, but she was not interested in him and instead married another man. Shelley was devastated and ran away from home, going on a walking tour of England with a friend.While on this tour, Shelley had a vision of a skylark, which he wrote about in his poem To a Skylark.” The poem is about how the skylark is a symbol of hope and beauty, and how it represents all that is good in the world.After writing “To a Skylark,” Shelley continued to travel and write. He eventually married Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, with whom he had four children. Shelley died at the age of thirty, but his poetry continues to be read and admired.”

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