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The Triumph of The Egg
Original title The Triumph of The Egg
Author Sherwood Anderson
Genre Short Story
Language English
Characters The Protagonist, Egg, As Well As His Mother, Father, And Sister.
Published 1921
ISBN 978-1420925331
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The Triumph Of The Egg is a novel by Sherwood Anderson which was first published in 1921. It tells the story of a young boy named Albert who lives on a farm with his parents and their many animals. One day, while out exploring the woods, Albert finds a giant egg. He takes it home and shows it to his parents who are amazed. They decide to keep the egg and raise the creature that hatches from it as their own.The egg eventually hatches into a giant bird-like creature that the family names Peter. Peter is very different from any other animal on the farm and is initially feared by the other animals. However, he quickly becomes a part of the family and is loved by all.One day, a group of hunters come to the farm and shoot at Peter. Albert’s mother is killed in the process. This causes Albert to realize that the world is not a safe place for Peter and he must find a way to protect him.Albert decides to take Peter away to a secret place where he will be safe. The novel ends with Albert and Peter living together in the secret place and Albert vowing to protect Peter always.

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