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The Happy Man
Original title The Happy Man
Author William Somerset Maugham
Genre Fiction
Language English
Characters Ashenden
Published 1932
ISBN 978-0-486-28496-4
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The Happy Man is a novel by William Somerset Maugham. The novel centers around the life of Geoffrey Tempest, a successful London businessman. Geoffrey is content with his life and his work, but he is bored with the routine of his life. One day, Geoffrey decides to take a vacation to Italy. While in Italy, Geoffrey meets a beautiful woman named Giovanna. Geoffrey is immediately attracted to Giovanna and they begin a passionate affair.Geoffrey and Giovanna return to London and they continue their affair. Geoffrey is happy with his new found love and he begins to neglect his work. Geoffrey’s business partners become concerned with his new lifestyle and they begin to pressure him to sell his share of the business. Geoffrey agrees to sell his share of the business and he and Giovanna move to Italy.Geoffrey and Giovanna live a happy life in Italy for several years. However, their happiness is shattered when Giovanna is killed in a car accident. Geoffrey is devastated by her death and he returns to London. Geoffrey tries to continue with his life, but he is haunted by memories of Giovanna. The novel ends with Geoffrey’s death, which is caused by a broken heart.

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