Essays on Stephen Kumalo

Stephen Kumalo is a black South African pastor who goes on a journey to find his wayward sister and nephew, only to discover the harsh realities of life in the city. Kumalo is a compassionate and humble man, but he is also naive and sheltered. He is shocked by the poverty and violence he sees in the city, and he is heartbroken by the choices his sister and nephew have made. Despite all of this, Kumalo remains hopeful and determined to help his family find a better life.

Essay themes and ideas about Stephen Kumalo

  • Stephen Kumalo’s Character Development
  • Stephen Kumalo’s Relationship with His Family
  • Stephen Kumalo’s Relationship with His Community
  • Stephen Kumalo’s Relationship with God
  • Stephen Kumalo’s Journey to Find His Son
  • Stephen Kumalo’s Struggle to Forgive His Son
  • Stephen Kumalo’s Redemption
  • Stephen Kumalo’s Legacy
  • The Importance of Stephen Kumalo’s Character
  • Why Stephen Kumalo Matters