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Shirley Valentine
Original title Shirley Valentine
Author Willy Russell
Genre Romantic Comedy
Language English
Characters Shirley Valentine, Joe Bradshaw, Mrs. Bradshaw, Dolly, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Wilkinson, Costas, Maria, Nicky, Auntie Val ...
Published 1985
ISBN 9780435233129
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Shirley Valentine is a heartwarming story about a woman who is stuck in a rut and decides to make a change. Shirley is a middle-aged housewife who lives in England with her husband, Joe. She has been married for years and has grown tired of her mundane life. One day, Shirley decides to take a trip to Greece by herself.Once in Greece, Shirley begins to rediscover herself. She meets new people, tries new things, and starts to feel alive again. Shirley even begins to fall in love with a man named Costas. However, she eventually realizes that she still loves her husband and decides to return home.Shirley’s trip has changed her in many ways and she is now able to see her life in a new light. She is more appreciative of her husband and their relationship. This story is about taking chances, finding yourself, and learning to love your life.

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