Shakespearean Comedy

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FAQ about Shakespearean Comedy

How does Shakespeare interest his audience with both the moral debate and the action on stage in Measure for Measure?
...However it seems that Shakespeare is indeed punishing his characters as all these marriages seem destined to be unhappy both that between Angelo and Mariana and Lucio and the misfortunate prostitute "Marrying a punk, my lord is pressing to death/Whip...
Why Is Antonio Sad In The Merchant Of Venice?
...Having their second attempt refuted, Solanio tries to work out an answer. He feels Antonio is sad just because he is not happy. In Solanio's speech, Shakespeare again makes a comparison. Shakespeare makes an implied comparison between the two headed ...
How Money Killed?
...Many of our friends at Wall Street have serious heart problems; some of them even die years before they should because of the stress that is brought on by the money and greed of Wall Street. Money is also evident as a health risk in Macbeth and The M...
How does the presentation of Jessica shed light on some of the play’s major themes ?
...In conclusion, Jessica's flight from Shylock was only as selfish as that of a bird from its cage; the bird does not worry about leaving its trapper lonely. Jessica had respected her father's feelings all her life, but he gave little in return. You ca...