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Poem 10 Mary Street
Original title Poem 10 Mary Street
Author Peter Skrzynecki


Language English
Characters Skrzynecki's Grandparents, His Parents, His Aunt, His Cousins.
Published 2002
ISBN 978-0-00-711560-9
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In Poem 10 Mary Street”, Peter Skrzynecki writes about his childhood home and how it has become a part of him. He begins by describing the street itself, which is lined with houses that all look the same. However, each house has its own unique history and memories.Skrzynecki grew up in the house at 10 Mary Street and he remembers all of the happy times that he shared there with his family. Even though they have since moved away, he still feels a strong connection to the house and everything that it represents.The poem concludes with Skrzynecki saying that the house will always be a part of him, no matter where he goes in life.”

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