Essays on Piggy

Piggy is a character in the novel Lord of the Flies. He is one of the main protagonists. Piggy is a chubby boy with glasses. He is not very popular with the other boys and is often teased. Piggy is very intelligent and is the only one who can read and write. He is also the one who comes up with the idea of using the conch shell to call the boys to meetings. Piggy is a good friend to Ralph and is always loyal to him.

Essay themes and ideas about Piggy

  • Piggy’s physical appearance and health
  • Piggy’s glasses and their importance to him
  • Piggy’s intelligence and cleverness
  • Piggy’s relationship with Ralph
  • Piggy’s relationship with the other boys
  • Piggy’s death and its impact on the novel
  • The symbolism of Piggy’s glasses
  • The role of Piggy in the novel
  • The importance of Piggy’s character
  • How Piggy represents the civilized side of human nature