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Trurl's Machine by Stanislaw Lem

There is also much symbolism in this story. The machine is meant to symbolize the communist party. It tries to censor the opinions of Trurl and Klapaucius, mainly, that 2+2=4. Trurl and Klapaucius are the oppressed citizens suffering under the communist regime. They are persecuted for their beliefs. The landslide symbolizes the point at which a population can no longer stand their oppressors and m...

To Kill a Mockingbird Critique

Harper Lee is able to support her messages through evidence of theme. The evidence in To Kill a Mockingbird supports Lee’s mastery of theme because each piece of evidence is found within major events of the plot and in character defining moments where the aforementioned, underlying themes are found. In closure, I would recommend this work because the meaningful themes within To Kill a Mockingbir...

To Kill a Mocking Bird Comparison

On the other hand Atticus believes that people should be treated fairly and as equals. For instance, Alexandra complains to Atticus that she feels that Calpurnia being a person of colour should be fired because she is not doing her job correctly. Atticus disagrees and says “Alexandra, Calpurnia’s not leaving this house until she wants t. you may think otherwise, but I couldn’t have got along...

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Robert Burns’ “To a Mouse”

The two poems being compared and contrasted show that the two are not so different. While there are many similarities and differences analysing political and social issues, diction, and tone have helped to find these similarities and differences. The two poems about mice are much more complex than the initial read. The reader must dig deep into the meanings of the poems, the diction, the time they...

The Way of Women’s Resistances in “The Yellow Wallpaper”

“The Yellow Wallpaper” doesn’t only serve as a witness of what happened in the past, but has also served the purpose of a reminder of what women must be doing in the future. Gilman’s writings about these tensions and struggles between marriage and career, social expectations, and personal goals continue to impact women’s decision today. So this story ”The Yellow Wallpaper” still has ...

Analysis of Sebastian Barry's Book

This section of the book is where it becomes clear that discovering the truth isn't the point. The Secret Scripture is not a book with a dramatic ending. In fact, one might suggest that the ending is rather melodramatic. Nevertheless, the lyrical prose resonates three very different voices that weave together forming a powerful message about history. It is as if Barry is saying: Do not look for a ...

The Enlightenment Era

Leibniz expanded the rationalists’ arguments for the existence of innate ideas that we have innate tendencies and potentialities within us. They both provided the most basic and simple argument to explain the origin of ideas and they both believed in the existence of God, however, although the conclusion they reach is not all that different, how they believe man comes to possess the knowledge he...

The Relevance of the Retraction Controversy

He is against the Friars who abuse their authority in religion to become wealthy. December 25, 1896 the last Christmas of Rizal for on December 26 he was accused as pioneer of the revolution but he pleaded not guilty. On December 28 the sentence was approved by firing squad two days later which was known throughout Manila except for Rizal. Doña Lolay or Doña Teodora Mercado Rizal stressed the Sp...

Role of School in Character Building

Real education goes beyond that. It should encompass the habits that one imbibes from one’s atmosphere and from the friends one keeps. Wisdom would be in maintaining a healthy atmosphere and a healthy friends circle. The more important aspect of education should be to impart humanity to the taught. This is where the teacher plays a prominent role of inculcating these values amongst his/her wards...

The Importance of Determination

Equally as significant as the use of figurative language in both Langston Hughes’ poem, and Maya Angelou’s poem, is the use of repetition.  Though individually the poems may seem different, together the two poets commendably integrate and are able to convey the significance of persistence when one finds themselves in difficult situations in life. In the final analysis, using literary devices ...

The Giver Journal Entries

So I guess that would be my favorite word but who care s and it doesn't really matter and I don't think it is that important. The reason I like the word Pyongyang is because of the way it sounds because after you say it a couple of times it sounds funny and you keep saying it and then it gets addicting but then you lose that feeling after a while. So my least favorite word would probably be like b...

The Egg by Sherwood Anderson

Sherwood Anderson’s “The Egg” has numerous conflicts and characters that bring out Freud’s id, ego, and superego that make for a wonderful psychoanalytical read. The Oedipal complex of the main character shines brightly through his view of and relationship with the father. Overall, the actions of the father are genuinely out of his control due to his unconscious mind, and he passed that tr...

Quote-Driven Market & an Order-Driven Market

So, if you put an order for 50 shares of Intel at $20 per share, your order will be display in the market and all the people can be seen by this stage of information. 3The main advantage to this marketing system is transparency because it’s clearly show all the market orders and prices that people are ready to buy or sell the securities. The disadvantage of this marketing system is that there is...

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Imagery is essential in conveying what the author sees in his/her mind. Poetry in itself is already a condensed form of literature requiring detailed scrutiny. The ability to “see” with our minds is a learned skill. We must evaluate and analyze the words and how the author arranged them so that one can put the mental image together. These images will always be different for each individual rea...

Symbolism in the Fall of the House of Usher

There is a full, blood red moon overhead, symbolic of violence and death. The collapsing of the house straight down into the lake symbolizes the Usher's family tree and its ultimate collapse. Most of the symbolism in "The Fall of the House of Usher" is internal. The House of Usher refers to both the house and the family. The frightening images inside the house symbolize the madness of the house's ...

Sonnet 34 by Edmund Spenser

There is repetition of the word wander and the speaker uses synonyms such as astray and out of course to emphasize the state of being without direction and confused. In a lovely way, Spenser describes the sentiments of a broken heart through words cleverly chosen. The author makes use of meaningful lexicon to complement with the tone of the sonnet which makes the reader feel identified with univer...

Short Story Discussion Questions

1. Reconstruct the time and place of the story. Although there are questions about the timeline (we only know that her taxes were remitted in 1894), Emily's youth is identified with the time and ideals of the pre-war Confederate South. Consider also that the story takes place in Jefferson, a small town in Faulkner's fictional Yoknapatawpha County in Mississippi, which goes through a great deal of ...

Free States V Slave States

Uncles Tom’s cabin single handedly opened up peoples mind against slavery. This made people realize how horrible it is to take another mans freedom this caused problems for the slave states because now the free states wanted to get rid of slavery once and for all. John browns attack proved to the northerners anyone can make a difference if they believe slavery is wrong. This also increased South...

To Kill a Mockingbird Coming of Age

Later Jem changes again, but this time he starts to become best friends with Scout again. For instance, Scout gets laughed at when she messes up the play, but Jem comforts her and tells her it is okay. There are many things that affect the ways that Jem matures. There are people, events and lessons that are taught, his family and friends, where he lives, and his age. His morals, ideas and intellig...

Pride and Prejudice and the Relationships of Women and Men

Bennet. In these relationships the women are looking for various securities whether financial, emotional or both and the men seem to be looking for the sexual benefits that will come from the relationships. These types of relationship trends are interested in Bibliography Austen, Jane. The Complete Novels. New York: Penguin Group, 2006. LeFraye, Deidre. Jane Austen: The world of Her Novels. New Yo...

Pride and prejudice compare and contrast novel and film 2005

GRIN Verlag, 2008. Holden, Stephen. “Marrying Off Those Bennet Sisters Again, but This Time Elizabeth Is a Looker. ” New York Times. 11 November 2005. 22 February 2009 <http://movies. nytimes. com/2005/11/11/movies/11prid. html? _r=1>. Lupack, Barbara Tepa. Nineteenth Century Women at the Movies: Adapting Classic Women's Fiction to Film. University of Wisconsin Press, 1999. “Pride and ...

Characters’ Transformation

This validates the fact that their development as individuals is highly rooted from their decisions and hasty judgments—or rather their own pride and prejudices. Works Cited Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice: A Novel. London: R. Bentley. 1853. Booker, Christopher. The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories. New York: Continuum International Publishing Group, 2005. Colebrook, Claire. Irony. Londo...

Great Gatsby and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

It also depicts how Hedonistic materialism precludes spiritual values and the idealism of the American Dream. The dilapidated billboard “ the eyes of Dr T J Eckleburg” represents the pervasive consumerism and materialism have taken place of spiritual values. . Dr T J Eckleburg appears later in the book as a motif for the absence of God in the world as when Wilsons remembers confronting Myrtle ...

Trojan War

The city of Troy was captured at last by treachery. A force of Greek warriors gained entrance to the city by hiding in the interior of a large wooden horse. Subsequently the Greeks sacked and burned the city. Only a few Trojans escaped, the most famous being Aeneas, who led the other survivors to what is present-day Italy; this story is told by Virgil in the Aeneid. The return of the Greek warrior...

Into the Wild: Christopher McCandless

The ironies multiply in this, the book's penultimate chapter. The basket that Krakauer and his companions discover at the U.S.G.S. station has been secured by hunters to the side of the river on which McCandless camped so as to make crossing the Teklanika harder for outsiders. "If he'd known about it," the author writes, "crossing the Teklanika to safety would have been a trivial matter. Because h...

Sophocles' Antigone: Situational Irony in Scene Three

These quotes help emphasize on one of the important motifs in Antigone, pride. Through these lines, King Creon can be easily distinguished; even what his life would be like in the future. Sophocles’ decision of making the argument between King Creon and his son Haimon was very effective and the motif of with power comes pride, can be easily determined. Sophocles successfully supported his motifs...

Sonnet 116: True Love

Love’s worth yet still unknown. A mystery in life which cannot be explained through words but could be understand through the feelings and affections shown. If true love isn’t true, then I want to stand by the name of Shakespeare to prove that true love exists! For what I’ve learned, as I define the meaning of love; Love is friendship. Love is patient. Love is enjoyment. Love is trust. Love ...

Father of Modern Philosophy

Second, God’s non-deceiving nature also serves to guarantee the truth of all clear and distinct ideas. So God would be a deceiver, if there were a clear and distinct idea that was false, since the mind cannot help but believe them to be true. Hence, clear and distinct ideas must be true on pain of contradiction. This also implies that knowledge of God’s existence is required for having any abs...

Analysing Slyvia Plath’s “Mushroom” Poem

The poem also showed the allusion of found in the last line “our foot’s in the door” based o the Beatitude “the meek shall inherit the earth. ” It conveys the dilemma of the oppressed (or mushroom) wherein personification of the poor and voiceless are found as mushrooms. The overall meaning of the poem for contemporary reading audience is to know how to have a deep desire to gain power a...

Pesonal Response Nicholas Sparks The Notebook

Why did the setting interest you? The book was set in early October 1946, and Noah Calhoun lived in North Carolina, in one of the largest homes in New Bern. The setting interests me because how the author describes the town that Noah lives in sounds a lot like the town I live in, very small, everyone knows everyone, people are so generous. This setting is where Noah meet Allies as Allies family we...

Ideas on "Behaviour of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden"

In the last stanza we can see situational irony; that the escalation of attraction between all the men (thinking they would get something), gets turned down by the lady, forcing them to go back to being normal again. This is because the “ice-cream is finished”, in other words she has stopped teasing and flaunting her body. Lastly this leaves her with only the option of having a stable and tedi...

Sherlock Homes

Dr Roylott’s description makes the reader want to know how the crime occurred however, Boone’s description make the reader want to know ‘whodunit’ and how they did it. The Speckled Band has an obvious villain right from the very start Dr. Grimsby Roylott. The Man with the Twisted Lip does not have such a clear villain but a mere suspect the beggar, Hugh Boone, he at the moment is the only ...

The theme of Memory in Station Eleven

A common issue people face today is their reliance on their memory and the notion that their memory is great. For instance, when two people have conflicting remarks in a conversation, it's very difficult to tell who is wrong or who is pretending to be right. Usually, you would have to get a third party who is neutral to settle the argument, but that still wouldn't work if neither person gives in o...

Science -Quotable Quotes

Many often scientists are atheists (they do not believe in god) and they look for a rational explanation to everything. This has always led to clashes between science and religion. Many have even died. Today, with practices like abortion, contraception, and euthanasia, science is once more at Researches have enabled more efficient fertilizers and pesticides to be produced. However, these scientifi...

Positive Thinking in Prue By Alice Munro

Understandably, the different effects of relationships and emotional attachments as well as responsibilities upon the personal development of women could actually be understood through the narration of how Prue actually met with the different issues that she had to handle in her life as a woman, as a mother, as a worker and as a lover who wishes for nothing but the best for her and for those whom ...

The Proverbs of Hell

These quotes provide an insight about how Blake feels about the creation of human institutions. His analogy in these verses invites readers to actively criticize and rationalize the other effects of institutions towards men. Though it can actively provide the necessary means to make individuals comply, the drawback is that it hinders individual freedom of exercising actions. In addition, these lin...

A Short Story Of Denim

A writer for American Fabrics predicted this trend all the way back in 1969, when he wrote, “What has happened to denim in the last decade is really a capsule of what happened to America. It has climbed the ladder of taste.” Today, LS&CO. employees wear Levi’s® jeans to work. Looking back, we see that the very first people to wear Levi’s® jeans worked with pick and shovel, and though...

Religon in Pompeii and Herculaneum

Household religion is a very important part of any citizen’s life and was practiced daily and the people believed that honouring the spirits would cause great fortune and contentment. Usually the routine a family would follow daily is the household gathering around the Lalarium which was usually lactated near the kitchen while the head of the family places an offering of food and wine while pray...

Refugee Blues – W.H. Auden

The repeated use of “my dear” suggests that the couple are married, but doesn’t give a clue as to whether it is the husband or wife speaking. The first stanza notes that the city they have fled to is full of people, both rich and poor, yet there is no space for them. With the use of word such as “souls” it suggest something valuable or holy about each and every one of the people within t...

About Chetan Bhagat

Bhagat has an open-ended column in Dainik Bhaskar, a large Hindi newspaper and another at The Times of India, English daily. He says,”the main purpose of the books and films is to entertain, but the columns allow me to give my views on how the nation should be run.” His articles are written in simple English to achieve mass appeal. He also visits Educational Institutions in India to give motiv...

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