Literature Essay Topics

Ethan Frome and Age of Innonce Essay

Edith Warthon was born in New York City into a very wealthy family. She was forced into a loveless marriage and eventually fell in love with another man. Her life closely resembles the two books she wrote–Age of Innocence and Ethan Frome. Age of Innocence was a novel by Edith Warthon that was turned into… View Article

Pride and Prejudice Themes and Motifs

Class is the target of much of the novel’s criticism of society in general. Austen makes it clear that people like Lady Catherine, who are overly invested in their social position, are guilty of judging that a person’s social rights are strictly defined by their class. Other characters, like the stuck-up Mr. Collins and the… View Article

The Necklaces

Motifs Coveting Throughout “The Necklace,” Mathilde covets everything that other people have and she does not. Whereas Monsieur Loisel happily looks forward to having hot soup for dinner, Mathilde thinks only of the grandness of other homes and lavish table settings that she does not own. When Monsieur Loisel obtains an invitation for a party,… View Article

The Coexistence of Good and Evil

Good and evil. The source of the each begins within every one of us, deep down we all know what is right and what is wrong. As humans we seek the easy way; however this easy way is not always the moral path. To Kill a Mockingbird explores the belief that good and evil exist… View Article

Just One Day by Gayle Forman

Allyson Healey has lived her entire life in a neat little box mapped out by her parents. But during a European tour after high school graduation, she meets an actor named Willem. There’s instant attraction and Allyson is charmed. When Willem invites her to spend one day in Paris with him, she decides to be… View Article

Great Gatsby Narrative Voice

The narrator’s influence plays a fundamental role in a novel that every reader takes into account when getting involved in the story . In Francis S. Fitzgerald’s literary work ‘’The Great Gasby ‘’ the function of Carraway’s narrative voice brought up several controversies among readers and critics for it deals with 3 different attitudes from… View Article

A Streetcar Named Desire

Playwright, poet, and fiction writer, Tennessee Williams left a powerful mark on American theatre. At their best, his twenty-five full-length plays combined lyrical intensity, haunting loneliness, and hypnotic violence. He is widely considered the greatest Southern playwright and one of the greatest playwrights in the history of American drama. Born Thomas Lanier Williams on March… View Article

Of Mice and Men – the American Dream

The term American dream may not be used too often any more, but especially in the 1930’s it was a very motivating term for the working class. Whether their dream was to own their own company, support their family or even just own a piece of land to call their own, the thought of having… View Article

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a very imaginative book written mainly for children, but adults can also enjoy it. The big theme through the whole book is growth and how people change from being a kid to eventually growing into an adult. The whole mystery of not knowing who you are and being confused about your… View Article

Sure Thing

David Ives’ Sure Thing drama is an interesting play which has different way to entertain the readers. I have never read a play which is a little bit confusing at the first time I read it. Seems its every scene is separated by ring bell. However, by reading it more, I could sense comedy and… View Article

The Kite Runner Analysis

Khaled Hosseini is an Afghan-born American author. He debuted with “The Kite Runner” which was his first novel, in 2003. The Kite Runner takes place in Kabul, Afghanistan and ends in California, America. It is about a friendship between two boys and how the oldest boy gets another chance make up for the mistakes that… View Article

Schindler’s List vs Book Thief

The character Death, in Zusack’s The Book Thief says: “That’s the sort of thing I’ll never know- what humans are capable of. ” Discuss the way this statement reflects one or more texts you have seen or read this year. Adaptation is the ability to adjust for existence under environmental conditions. Like how animals adapt… View Article

The Great Gatsby

Chapter 1 The narrator and one of the top-two main characters is Nick Carraway. He is a mix of narrator and author of the book. The first thing you encounter in the book is Nick commenting on himself. He characterizes himself as a very highly moral and highly tolerant person. He briefly mentions the hero… View Article


Throughout the novel, Frankenstein, a feminist theme subtly pervades the novel, and is crucial to the characters of the story, the plot line and the setting of the novel. The reasons for the creation of the monster lie within Frankenstein’s own familial relationships, especially with the grief he experienced at the loss of his mother…. View Article

Reflection Paper of a Walk to Remember

Summary: “A Walk to Remember” is a heart touching story which is being narrated by a 57 year-old Landon Carter, who describes how he fell in love with the Baptist’s daughter, Jamie. It’s starting from two young people who first are strangers and then find themselves unexpectedly fall in love with each other. In 1958,… View Article

Essay over One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Through Ken Kesey’s exploration of a power discourse within ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’, he visibly highlights that every text has a purpose. The author comes up with a discourse of power, where it is shown throughout the characters, and through how society used to treat the ‘mental illnesses’ at the time. In this… View Article

Mockingjay Reflection

Brainwashing, or hijacking, is the biggest scientific ethical issue in Suzanne Collin’s Mockingjay. The main character, Peeta, is brainwashed by the Capitol after he is abducted from a mishap in the 75 hunger games. The Rebellion rescued him sometime after that and when he saw and attempted to strangle Katniss they knew something was wrong…. View Article

Early Twentieth Century American Literature

It is fascinating the sheer number of themes that a relatively short period of literature can bring up and deal with. This is most certainly the case with American literature as it turned the corner from the nineteenth to twentieth centuries. Diverse genres as poetry, such as Edwin Arlington Robinson’s Miniver Cheevy and My Papa’s… View Article

Critical Review of Related Literature

The economic system is the the method in which a country produces, distributes and consumes goods and services. An economic system must answer four basic economic questions that will direct a nation’s economic activity (Pride, Hughes and Kapoor, 2010): • What goods and services- and how much of each- will be produced? • How will… View Article

Daignosis of Pi in Life of Pi

Piscine Molitor Patel, after floating on the ocean for 227 days, was discovered exhausted and pale. There is no abnormalities in vital signs discovered, which indicates that with proper cares and rest, his body will function well. In spite of his physical health, his mental health should be particularly examined in detail. Without precedent case,… View Article

Actual Outcomes of Paris Peace Conference

Down and out in Paris and London is the work of an elite author by name George Orwell which was published in 1933. It explains in two parts, the subject of poverty about two cities. It gives an account of his survival in Paris and his experience as a casual laborer. In his second part… View Article

Rebecca’s Structure

Explain the effectiveness of the structure of the text, Rebecca Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca is structured in a circular form, which is effective in displaying elements of the gothic genre and producing a sense of mystery and ambiguity. The fact that details are revealed gradually creates tension, and a desire to know, so that by… View Article

Kenneth Burke

Kenneth Duva Burke (May 5, 1897 – November 19, 1993) was an American literary theorist and philosopher. Burke’s primary interests were in rhetoric and aesthetics. Burke became a highly distinguished writer after getting out of college, and starting off serving as an editor and critic instead, while he developed his relationships with other successful writers…. View Article

Duchess of Malfi

The Duchess of Malfi written by John Webster was first performed around 1613. A dramatic tragedy, the play is about a forbidden marriage between the Duchess and Antonio her steward, and the wrath of her brothers which leads to many of their deaths. Webster focuses on the role of rank to detail the emotions between… View Article

Analysis of Charles Dickens’ – Sketches by Boz

‘The Streets-Morning’ by Charles Dickens is an extract taken from ‘Sketches by Boz.’ It is a descriptive piece and follows prominent features of the literary sketch technique, as it contains no prominent plot. The speaker narrates the “appearance presented by the streets of London an hour before sunrise on a summer’s morning.” The extract is… View Article

A key choice writers

A key choice writers make is how they name or refer to characters in their stories. Write about the significance of the choices writers have made in naming or referring to their characters in the three texts you have studies. In the three texts I have studies the writers all name and refer to their… View Article

12 Angry Men Prejudice Essay

What is Justice? Justice is a concept of moral rightness based on ethics; rationality, law, religion or fairness, as well as taking into account the inborn rights of all human beings and citizens, the right of all people and individuals to equal protection before the law of their civil rights, without discrimination. Justice is one… View Article

Wuthering Heights

1. THE AUTHOR AND HER/HIS TIMES: Emily Brontë, one of six children, conceived by Patrick Brontë and Maria Branwell Brontë, was born at Thornton in Yorkshire on July 30, 1818. (Merkin) Maria Branwell Brontë died of cancer when Emily was three, leaving the Brontë siblings in the hands of their father and aunt, Elizabeth Branwell…. View Article

Fly Away Peter Summary

This chapter as the beginning of the book sets the scene and begins to develop the characters of the novel. The story begins with Jim in the swampland watching birds calmly, looking at how they live their lives, remembering that these small birds have seen more of the world than most people, “has been further… View Article

Keep It in Classrooms

When it comes to the topic of discussing The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in schools, most of us will agree that the interactions between whites and blacks in the book cause many controversies. Where the agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of whether Huckleberry Finn should be completely banned in schools. Whereas some… View Article