Literature Essay Topics

East of Eden

In John Steinbeck’s novel, East of Eden, the deprivation of a sound conscience is a theme that is associated with Cathy Ames, and afflicts the people around her. The author uses foreshadowing to portray the future of Cathy and her multiple victims. By doing so, the author builds onto the characterization of Cathy, revealing how… View Article

Courage of a Black Women

The story tells of one lady who goes through all kinds of hardships, discovers the proficient, content, and proud woman hidden inside of a young shut-mouthed girl. The Color Purple, the third novel written by the Pulitzer Prize winning author Alice Walker, has been both respected and berated in numerous essays and reviews. Although the… View Article

Huckleberry Finn and The Catcher in the Rye essay

The novels ‘The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn’ and ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ are both set in times where the expectations of society differed from the ones of today. Huckleberry Finn is set in the late 1800s, pre USA civil war and in a time where slavery was an accepted occurrence and the escape of… View Article

The Song of Kahunsha

I’m currently a Grade 12 student from Chongqing Maple Leaf School, China, and our class has just finished one of the Grade 12’s novels “The Song of Kahunsha”. It’s my honor to illustrate my experience to you about reading books. My classmates and I find that the language of the novel is quite easy to… View Article

To Kill a Mockingbird

In a small town deep south in Alabama, two children reside in a house with their father Atticus. Maycomb was this town’s name, and within Maycomb lived the nastiest, most psychotic, recluse to have ever live, and it just so happens that this monster of a man is the neighbor of the two young children,… View Article

In Another Country Is a Story of Ironies

In the story In Another Country, one of Hemingway’s greatest themes is the implausibility of war, focusing on the fate of the soldiers in the aftermath of war, when they experience the tragedies and futility of their lives. In fact, the story offers a rethinking of war-related concepts and values such as bravery, heroism, patriotism,… View Article

Life of Pi

Here in Life of Pi the protagonist’s struggle for survival in the middle of an unheedful ocean is done in a tone that echoes the sound of a well-written work of fiction being read out aloud. Life of Pi is a story about struggling to survive through seemingly insurmountable odds. The shipwrecked inhabitants of the… View Article

Comparatve Essay on the Fat Black Womans Poems, Sula and Wide Sargasso Sea

“These writers explore both the social roles that confine them and the bodies that represent the confinement”. In light of this quotation, compare how the writers explore gender. ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’, by Jean Rhys, and ‘Sula’ by Toni Morrison are both novels that respond to the issues of women that are confined to their social… View Article

Fifth Business

Robertson Davies wrote a novel that explores the psychological issues of the human condition and this novel is called Fifth Business. The characters in this novel often create false images and in several points throughout Fifth Business they deal with experiences and incidents in unique ways. One of the human species greatest abilities is the… View Article

Never Let Me Go

Over the past century, biological engineering has made a huge step forward. They made possible to duplicate human DNA in order to produce a genetic replicate. The novel “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro in the fiction story of three friends, as the products of genetic cloning, illustrates the negative view of the human… View Article

Putting Our Brains on Hold

The reading “ Putting Our Brains on Hold,” by Bob Herbert, indicates that the United States is twelve among countries with college degrees. Also, this reading indicates that the percentage of people with college degrees has fallen, and that America’s young people are moving in the wrong direction at a time when college education is… View Article

Esperanza Rising

From being born with a silver spoon your mouth and having your world revolve around you to having nothing, can be a life changing experience. In the historical fiction story Esperanza Rising, by Pam Munoz Ryan this exact thing happens to a 12 year old girl named Esperanza. Esperanza’s world is turned upside down when… View Article

Of Mice and Men: Critical Analysis

It has been once said that, “all literature shows us the power of emotion. It is emotion, not reason, that motivates character in literature” this quote can be interpreted to mean that all books show us the power of feeling. It is feeling not reasoning that drives characters in it literatures. To fulfill whatever they… View Article

Anarchy State and Utopia

Distributive Justice Robert Nozick From Anarchy, State, and Utopia, 149-182, with omissions. Copyright @ 1974 by Basic Books, Inc. Reprinted by permission of Basic Books, a subsidiary of Perseus Books Group, LLC. The minimal state is the most extensive state that can be justified. Any state more extensive violates people’s rights. Yet many persons have… View Article

The Raven Literary Analysis

“The Raven” is an exploration into the loneliness, despair, and insanity associated with the loss of a loved one. Through the clever use of structure, repetition and symbolism Edgar Allan Poe manages to draw us into this feeling of morbid despair and with every use of the haunting refrain “nevermore” upon which the chilling cadence… View Article

King Lear and the Drawer Boy Comparative Essay

Sometimes, unconsciously, role play is used in our daily lives to assume or act out a specific role. The role play portrayed in Shakespeare’s King Lear and Michael Healey’s The Drawer Boy is best defined as the acts or attitude of a person differing from normal in order to attain a better point of view,… View Article

Martin Luther 95 Theses

The Ninty-Five Theses was written by Martin Luther in 1517 and is broadly regarded as the major catalyst for the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther was an ambiguous German monk and radiant theologian. Martin Luther started a rebellion against the church’s authority which caused the collapse of religious unity of Christendom. The Roman Catholic Church, centered… View Article

Short Stories are Future’s Standard Literature

That a person may have gone a whole year without reading any book does not actually mean the person did not read any book. Actually, what this means is that they did not read any hard copies. This talk about many or most people shunning books looks like speech from old-fashioned people who refuse to… View Article

Literature Ethics

points in their journey.  In both cases, the old men appear weak and ill-suited to survival in the harsh world of the novel.  In the first instance the father refuses to help the old man (49-52), but in the second instance the father agrees to help the old man (161-174), suggesting uncertainty and inconsistency in… View Article

The perception and treatment of death in Everyman

Everyman is a play which entered into the English culture during the 15th century, and the exact author of the work is still unknown. The Dutch version of the play is credited to the author Dorlandus, yet there is still question regarding the original manuscript, and the play may very well date back to an… View Article

Literature and Language

The word explication takes its form from the verb explicate, meaning to “unfold” the meaning of an ideas as to make clear the significance of it. Literary criticism also makes use of explication, which is termed as explication de texte. The meaning of a certain text (whether a poem, novel or play) is unfolded by… View Article

The Importance of Settings in Saboteur

“Saboteur” by Ha Jin may seem a straight cut reading pleasure to most people. Its plot, which is carried out smoothly, allows reader to understand the story without questioning much of the outcome. Discrimination and abuse of human rights’ are not new issues, even in today’s world. Yet it is impossible to understand why the… View Article

Lord of the Flies

In society there are leaders for examples Presidents and Prime Ministers. These leaders need to have certain characteristics, which include respect, maintaining order, and to protect the people. When these leaders start to ignore their responsibilities the society starts to get uncontrollable and mistakes will happen. For an example when leaders ignore protection and safety… View Article

Equality in Harrison Bergeron

Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron” is set in the future (2081), when the government has supposedly made everyone “equal. ” The people of this era are forced equal by technology. These people are denied individuality, and the governments have taken their freedom by enforcing laws. Vonnegut’s story is a satire because the society he… View Article

Animal Farm

Throughout the ages, abuse of power has been occurring all over the world. Abuse of power is when, a person or the people who hold the power are not taking responsibility and mistreating it. These themes are represented in many Novels, poetry, drama and films. The novel Animal Farm and the film Erin Brockovich are… View Article

Catcher in the Rye

Explore how the choices individuals make can shape their identity. Identity is form of cloak of which is able to be donned. It is clothing of which is how society manifests you and is trimmed, shaped and altered by experiences and interactions of your physical ,emotional and mental environments. Ultimately it is the way individuals… View Article

The Outsiders

Are the Socs and the Greasers the same, or irrevocably different? The Outsiders, by S. E. Hinton is a novel about the two gangs on each side of a town, the Greasers and the Socs, who have a destructive rivalry and are superficially different. However throughout the course of the novel their true characteristics are… View Article

Inheritance of Loss

Chapter 1 In chapter one of Kiran Desai’s novel, “The Inheritance of Loss,” the author describes the setting and presents the first perspectives of the characters. Their home is presented as being rather unattractive as it was colder inside their house than outside of it even the temperature was relatively low. Further, when the author… View Article

Amy Lowell by Marcia Dinneen

Amy Lowell’s Life and Career Marcia B. Dinneen (http://www. english. illinois. edu/maps/poets/g_l/amylowell/life. htm) Amy Lowell was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, the daughter of Augustus Lowell and Katherine Bigelow Lawrence. Both sides of the family were New England aristocrats, wealthy and prominent members of society. Augustus Lowell was a businessman, civic leader, and horticulturalist, Katherine Lowell… View Article