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Poetry Analysis of "Introduction to Poetry"

...“They begin beating it with a hose to find out what it really means”. This is a continuation of the metaphor and is highly effective as it strongly portrays a sense of inhumanity through the choice of ‘hose’ as an object with which to torture as opposed to a typical weapon. One can just imagine how painful this would be and again, forces the reader to almost empathize with the poem. The poem sends a powerful message to its readers and is significantly clear in its message to not delve to...

War Poetry

...Letter XV' The technique part of the poem, as it can be seen with these examples, is completely detached from the content, and varies between poets, rather than themes. I prefer the rhythm and consistency of Owen's poems and ? Beach Burial' to the style of ? Homecoming' or ? Letter XV'. I like the rhymes, as they tend to bring the poem together, they unify it. Obviously I agree with the message in all these poems, or I wouldn't have chosen the theme of war / anti-war poetry. All of the poems dep...

The Poetry of Collins

...All art and great artists, for Collins, are in the past, and it is in the past that he would most like to live. In summary, Collins throughout his poetry insists that the passionate mind and the creative imagination are primary attributes of the poet. He is always conscious of imaginative deficiency in the art of his time, and, as he thinks, in himself. Paradoxically, this sense of lack that the poet felt in himself disturbed him and led him to create a body of verse that in fact embodies the st...

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Understanding Poetry

...4. “Embroidered garments” suggest (a) the flowers are very beautiful (b) even the most beautiful are subject to death (c) Nature produces colorful things (d) the petals of the flowers are adorned with a pattern 5. Why does the poet wish his life would be always spring? 6. What two lessons can the flowers teach the poet? 7. What makes it difficult for the poet to accept death? 8. The word which best describes the mood of the poet is (a) joyful (b) sorrowful (c) pensive (d) angry This is a fre...

Poetry Analysis

...I like this type of poem because it evokes emotion from you as you read. Both of these poems are about death but they are written in two completely different ways, telling two completely different stories, and that is what is great about poetry. References: http://www. gradesaver. com/emily-dickinsons-collected-poems/study-guide/section1/ http://www. shmoop. com/because-i-could-not-stop-for-death/analysis. htmlhttp://www. goodreads. com/topic/show/73624-nov-8-dog-s-death-john-updike http://www. ...

Narrative Poetry


African Poetry

...To cite a few verses, The echo burst in me Like a great harmonic chord- Violins of love and happy voices The pagan trumpet blast Swamping the lamentation of the horn Then the heraldic drums In slow crescendo rising Crashed though my senses Into a new present Which is the future. After this brief glance at African poetry, we realize that it is not simply an offshoot of British literary tradition. espite the many disadvantages such as a scarred past, colonial trauma, expression in a foreign mediu...

Poetry Essay

...Remember emphasizes the loss in relationships, and that grief will undoubtedly come with the loss of a loved one. The speakers quality of writing is shown in her other pieces. A mother in refugee camp explores the theme of loss in a perspective a mother losing her child. Poem at thirty nine describes the relationship between a daughter and her father, that had met his death. The poet shows how the speaker remembered and admired her father in various ways. All of the poems stress the inevitabilit...

Is Poetry Dead

...As of right this second, Googling the word "poetry" yields 19,700,000 separate hits. " Works Cited Day, Kay. "Why Poetry" First publication, "Uncommon Ground," at Jacksonville. com, the Florida Times-Union Net site, July 15, 2003 http://kayday. com/why_poetry. htm Infante, Victor. "Once Again, Poetry Is Dead? It must be true, because Newsweek said it" 2004-2005 Atlanticrock. com http://www. atlanticrock. com/OpenMic001. html Barrett, Justin. "Poetry Isn't Cool" http://www. myfavoritebullet. com/...

Poetry Criticism

...Due to the lack of punctuation and the effect of the rhyming couplets that appear, the tone is quite fast which possibly indicates the short amount of time in which the farm caught fire. It may also create a lively atmosphere to bring the energy of the fire to life. In this poem, Scannell uses an exaggerated but possible example of what a child may do when he or she is uncared for. Through this he tries to show us the consequences and dangers of neglecting children and the desperate measures the...

Metaphysical Poetry

...He wrote secular poems as well as erotic and love poems. He is particularly famous for his mastery of metaphysical conceits. A Burnt ShipOut of a fired ship, which by no wayBut drowning could be rescued from the flame,Some men leap'd forth, and ever as they cameNear the foes' ships, did by their shot decay;So all were lost, which in the ship were found,They in the sea being burnt, they in the burnt ship drown'd. John Donne A Lame BeggarI am unable, yonder beggar cries,To stand, or move; if he sa...

English Poetry

...The final stanza is the man totally giving up and surrendering to nature. He is waiting "for the great flint to come singing into his heart" (Geddes 161). The "flint" meaning the peak of the arrowhead from the mountain to come and end his life. This poem is a commanding examination of one man's struggle to survive in the bush. We see that the human mind cannot fully comprehend what nature is trying to say, but we should make every effort to listen nonetheless. Works Cited Geddes, Gary. 20th Cent...

Comparing Poetry

...’ The metaphor was shown when he referred to the man as a dog. The devices used in ‘He Started the Cycling Craze’ includes rhyme which is used in a pattern of ‘a,b,b,a’ as well as rhythm which is seen by the rhyme and flow of the poem. Alliteration was also used in the line ‘and almost being stung by a big fat bee. ’ Imagery was also used when describing what was on the road when he was swerving so that he didn’t fall off of his bike. Overall there are many different poetic devic...

The Tempest - Character Relationships

...Prospero's final act of giving freedom to Ariel shows us how Prospero has changed throughout the course of the play, from a dictator-like sorcerer focused on retribution, to a forgiving father figure. The theme of freedom versus control in The Tempest is very important. There is a constant interaction between both freedom and control. All the characters have some sort of freedom, and yet they all have some sort of control over them, too. Through the exploration of the characters in the play, it ...

Satire in the Importance of Being Earnest

...Jack finds out what happened to him as a child and why he does not know his parents. All the main characters somehow end up all in the same room. Lady Bracknell asks Ms. Prism about a baby she had wandered off years ago, her answer builds up the story linking events with evidences such as the bag misplaced in the train station; making the characters and the audience think that Miss Prism will turn out to be Jack’s mom but in the end Lady Bracknell just declares that Jack’s mom is her poor si...

A Different History by Sujata Bhatt - Analysis

...The poet gives us the universal theme of ‘acceptance of all the cultures’. Though one would love his/her own culture, it also happens that people(souls) accept and begin to love other language(strange language). In conclusion, I think that the poem explores the ideas from culture to values and oppression to loving strange language. Readers also understand the ideas of culture, religion, beliefs and ‘a history with difference’; where people are kind and modest to accept different culture ...

Masculinity: Slavery in the United States

...Education is something one needs. It will be hard for many to function through life without an education and he showed anyone can do it if they put their mind to it. There were many differences between Okonkwo and Frederick Douglass but both men had a purpose in life as men and I believed they both accomplished what they were looking for even though ones went better than the other. Okonkwo's demise was not because of colonization, but rather his downfall was attributed by his obsession with masc...

Hamlet a Domestic Play or a Commentary on Power Politics

...However, while Laertes has power over Ophelia, it doesn’t appear to be for his own advantage as it is the case with Polonius, thus suggesting that his concerns are genuine and out of love for his sister. As a result, it strengthens the interpretation of Hamlet as a domestic tragedy. To conclude, I believe that in many of the relationships in “Hamlet”, there is a mix of power politics and domesticity with characters using their families as a means of gaining power or using their power to ge...

Midnight in Paris Analysis

...Lastly, “Midnight in Paris”, had package of information everyone should know. Thus, I recommend watching this movie, because it wasn’t just a story like what we usually see in other films, but had much information about some famous artists in the 19th century. Also, we went back with the movie to see how those people used to live in nice and quiet world especially in the art city. Personally, I liked the movie from the beginning to the end, because and while I was watching it, I enjoyed it...

Mahtab’s Story

...I1. Overcoming Obstacles shows a journey of where an individual is facing serious difficulties in life, and then finds ways to overcome their personal trials. Mahtab’s Story written by Libby Gleeson is based on by true events as the main character experiences of Overcoming Obstacles. Mahtab’s Story shows Overcoming Obstacles through events in the novel, such as Mahtab being responsible in taking care and protecting her younger siblings, accepting their loss of belongings in order for Mahtab...

Maya Angelou Essay

...Maya’s inspirational lessons remain an intrinsic part of the American culture even after her death in 2014 at the age of 86. Maya’s most inspiring poem, And Still I Rise, had a very significant passage that said, “You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, I'll rise” (Angelou 21). This passage inspired me to always endure every hardship and obstacle in my quest of achieving my ambitions since everyone else...

Poetry Slam

...The third is that they can’t use any musical instrument or costumes and the fourth and last one is that from the score the poets receive the high and low scores are dropped and the middle three are added together giving them a total score of 0 – 30. Before the contest started the microphone was open to other poets. In my opinion there were a couple of poets who were good. After the opening performance was done, the host presented a poet who has competed before. Her name was Gypsee. She perfo...

Poetry Analysis

...The bond of both the surfer and Wright to the sea defines Wright as Australian and reflects Australian's strong links to the sea. ?Australian' traits are not shown only by Wright herself, but by characters in her poems. In The Surfer, Wright uses assonance ("those" and "foam") to describe the wave. This has the effect of creating a long and lazy piece of sound imagery for the reader. The laconic nature of the wave is the same as the typical Australian ? laid back' spirit giving Wright's poetry a...

Donne's Poetry

...After all, in the words of Cleanth Brooks : There is no ideal reader, of course, and I suppose that the practising critic can never be too often reminded of the gap between his reading and the “true” reading of the poem. (p. 1368) Bibliography Brooks, C. (1951) The Formalist Critics, The Norton Anthology Theory And Criticism, ed. Vincent B. Leitch, General Editor, (New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc, 2001). Collins, W. (2005) Collins English Dictionary, Suffolk: HarperCollins Publishe...

Neoclassical Poetry

...The purpose of Milton is equivalent to other great writers. He has given us a living, not literary, epic. It is the influence of the neoclassical age, due to which it was possible. Historically the age was one of tremendous conflict. The literature of the age is extremely diverse in character and the diversity mainly due to the breaking up of the ideals of the political and religious unity. Milton emerged as a successful poet due to the neoclassical features in Paradise Lost. Thus, the Neoclassi...

Poetry Speech

...Once you pick up that the main technique used in this poem is allusion, you can look at the poem in a different light altogether. If you read into the poem deep enough, you could argue that the reason Gilmore used this technique so much (Need a better word choice for ‘so much’), is because she wants the reader to understand that you must have some sort of knowledge of your own countries historical events and what has scoupled us into the country and society that we are today, to be able to ...

The poetry of rizal

...Farewell, sweet stranger, my friend, who brightened my way; Farewell, to all I love. To die is to rest. His last poem which was his last piece of communication was a catalyst in war against Spain. It was key in making Rizal the rallying point of the revolution. Its sentiments reverberated in the hearts of the Filipino and unified them against the common enemy. It is ironic that a man of nonviolent nature becomes the focal point of an armed insurgency. Some fight with weapons. His weapons were hi...

Feminism in Poetry

...She spoke of matters that women then were too embarrassed to speak of. This is why she might have felt she had to be the voice for all women. Her bold poetry made her one of the most popular poets of the feminist movement. Lastly, because she was a confessional poet, Sexton’s intertwined her feminist views with her personal life. This method made her feminist message more meaningful and passionate. Many women, along with these popular poets set out to change the course of history. They strived...

Poetry and Icarus

...The words “suit”, “gang war”, “committees, and “trains” show that the writer is trying to tell you that the poem is in a more modern time. Field doesn’t even attempt to make the poem sound monumental like older poems and stories usually do. Edward Field adapts the Icarus myth so well that it still has the same lure as the actual Greek myth. His diction and irony definitely clarify the newer, more modern setting. He reflects an effective change of Icarus’s setting in a unique wa...

Nabokov- Good Reader and Writer

...Good readers are active readers which means they use their reading experiences for support by bring knowledge from the world into reading. In addition, they use comprehension strategies to draw conclusions, synthesis and compare and contrast. Further, a good reader knows when to slow down and read faster based on difficulty. When a good reader doesn’t understand a word he/she use context clues to figure out the meaning of it. Lastly, a good reader should have an open mind based on his/her read...

Same Artist, Different Pictures

...These two poems paint completely contrasting pictures because "January Morning/Downtown Vancouver" only describes while " Vancouver Lights" requires previous knowledge and in-depth thinking to unlock the theme. The simplicity of "January Morning/Downtown Vancouver" creates detailed images but Birney leaves little to the readers' imagination. On the other hand, "Vancouver Lights" about the same setting, forces the reader to think and discover the theme on their own. Like an artist can paint diffe...

Osoanon Nimuss Poem: Absolutely Nothing

...In its simplicity, the author showed his brilliance. By putting into simple words what a lot of people cannot explain, he has demonstrated his capacity as an exceptional author. Why would one want to meddle with a work that was already perfect in its own way? And the way Nimuss wrote the ending allowed the reader to see the gravity of the consequences of one’s actions, thus allowing it to leave a mark on the reader’s mind. None can be altered from this poem for even the slightest alteration ...

Fishing on the Susquehanna

...The reader can see that it wasn’t only the painting of “Fishing on the Susquehanna” but there is a variety of other pictures in which the power art can be used for expressing the emotions and the feelings from. We readers have an extraordinary ability of getting the true effects or feelings from a picture by imagining. “I imagined him springing right out of the frame” in line 39, tells the reader more about how our imaginations are linked to our surroundings, what we see is what we thi...

And of Clay We Are Created

...Isabel Allende uses imagery in the story many times. One of the many examples that stood out was when Allende states, “...Amputating arms without anesthesia.”(989). This informs the reader how people that were injured had to be treated without any anesthesia, which made it extremely painful. This quote demonstrates the use of imagery because it creates a very vivid gruesome picture in the readers mind by letting them know the extreme pain the people had to go through to be cured. This quote ...

Kate Chopin Analytical Essay - the Story of an Hour

...In The Story of an Hour, Kate Chopin used many subtle literary elements to create depth in her story. By using imagery she allows the reader to get a sense of the characters surroundings while adding to the story. In using similes Chopin can express the characters feelings in different ways, instead of just telling the reader how Mrs Mallard feels. With her use of personification, Chopin allows the reader to better understand what Mrs Mallard looked like, while keeping her physique vague and wit...

Stereotyping in “Love is a Fallacy”

...The raccoon coat that Polly used in justifying her choice may just be some trivial reason for the narrator to hear but actually, the coat means more than that—it is a symbol of how Polly is very different from the narrator that she considers things such as raccoon coats more important than actual intellect. Polly may not be bookish smart, but she is definitely wise—which negates the narrator’s entire stereotype of her. References Frederickson, G. (2002). A Short History of Racism. New Jers...

?Romeo And Juliet Friendship Essay

...I think that both friendships are good friendships to have, nut Romeo and Benvolio’s friendship was best because he was a more emotional friend and he cared more for Romeo’s emotions. Benvolio also shows the audience that he cares a lot for Romeo in a better way than Mercutio does and is more reliable than Mercutio. I think the audience feels that Mercutio doesn’t take Romeo’s feelings seriously sometimes even though he cares a lot but isn’t a friend you would rely on. The audience thi...

Seminar Play Analysis

...I loved this set a lot, with paper scattered about, and a little Buddha on his desk to resemble something he had gotten on his many adventures to different countries that he was always bragging about. By being in this class, I’ve started to notice the small details like that in a play that I would have never noticed before. When the professor poured a drink of Jack Daniels, it looked so real that I actually questioned whether or not it was fake. I had to ask one of my friends in theatre if the...

Cheaper by the Dozen Play Review

...In the beginning of the script, I found it really boring, and didn’t want to finish reading it, but once I got farther into the script, the relationships between the family were shown, and it became more interesting. Overall I liked the script, it wasn’t my favorite thing I’ve read, but it was still entertaining. I would rather see this play than act in it, because I would want to see the story come to life, along with all of the characters. I think it could be a very funny play to see, an...

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