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Local Color In Huck Finn

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has numerous instances in which "local color" is present. Throughout the novel, heavy focus is laid upon the Mississippi River, and the villages close by. Common men and women used superstition and folklore to explain and solve life's natural phenomena. Along with this is the portrayal of the brutal aspects, both physical and psychological, of slavery. At the con...

Love and Revenge in Bronte's "Wuthering Heights"

Davidoff, Leonore, and Catherine Hall. Family Fortunes: Men and Women of the English Middle Class, 1780-1850. London: Hutchinson, 1987, p.27Donzelot, Jacques. The Policing of Families. New York: Pantheon, 1979, p.64Eagleton, Terry. Myths of Power: A Marxist Study of the Brontes. 2nd ed. London: MacMillan, 1988, p.27Forsyth, William. A Treatise on the Law Relating to the Custody of Infants, in Case...

Love in Shakespeare plays "Twelfth night - Romeo & Juliet"

From my own prespective i think love in the Twelfth night is strongr and deeper while in Romeo & Juliet we have eye love which is baced on the physical appearance , what makes the story look so passionate is th impossibility of their marriage , As every body knows , human nature desired to struggle and face difficalties , such love will end as soon as they satisfy their desires , but love in ...

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Theme of Tennessee Williams' plays

Guilt haunts Blanche as does the "rapid, feverish polka tune, the 'Varsouviana' "(200), which only fades after the final gunshot has been heard. Just as Blanche's "expression of disgust" destroyed Allan, it is Stanley's disgust at the charade that Blanche has been playing, that ultimately destroys her. The events of scene ten, where Stanley rapes Blanche, are accompanied by the sound of "inhuman ...

Maxine Tynes' poem "Reach out and Touch"

The title Reach out and Touch has a meaning beyond the literal. It is about reaching out to those of need and touch their hearts. With such a short poem, Maxine Tynes was able to effectively illustrate the importance of reaching out and touching lives of other people. Whether it is a lovable hug or just a word of friendly advice, this type of reaching out could be the key to a better world. The m...

"Of Mice and Men" A comparison between the book and film

I believe that this would be a better film if they had shortened it. It seems to me that the film is an unnecessarily prolonged version of the book. On the other hand, taking to many liberties when adapting this modern classic into a film would not be a smart thing to do.. Even so, I still think that the filmmakers should have left out some insignificant scenes. The story however, is brilliant; th...

Oedipus - A Freud and Aristole View

In Oedipus the King, Sophocles presents us with a world in which certain actions and outcomes are inevitable for us to go through. It is from this concept that Sigmund Freud's Oedipus complex stems. Freud makes a statement in The Interpretation of Dreams that;"There must be something which makes a voice within us ready to recognize the compelling force of destiny in the Oedipus… His destiny mov...

Perfection (persuasive essay)

What should we really see when we look into the mirror? There isn't much to it - maybe just a human being. Who knows, maybe she does have a scar on her forehead, but she has really pretty eyes. Maybe the glass isn't half empty after all; it's just how we look at ourselves. It's simply how the media, how society, how everything, makes us feel inadequate. If people begin to come to the absolute real...

The Theme Of Shakespeare's Sonnet 30

YOST 4 The sustained metaphor was very effective because it was a solid constant from beginning to end, and emphasized the theme aspect of the poem very well. The metaphor carried from the second line to the twelfth line, and led into the final two lines which summed the poem up nicely. Shakespeare was delightful in capturing the feelings of remembrance and mourning, but did an even more brilliant...

Hamlet and Horatio in Shakespeare's "Hamlet"

Hamlet values Horatio's qualities and respects him for his attributes. According to Hamlet, it is because of Horatio's qualities that Hamlet chooses him as his friend, stating that ", "Give me that man / That is not passion's slave, and I will wear him / In my heart's core, ay, in my heart of heart, / As I do thee". Hamlet respects this because Horatio possesses the qualities, such as the balance...

Santiago: The Hemingway Hero

That is why he is more broadly representative of the human race than any other Hemingway character," (Hovey 3). Clearly, Santiago learned this "grace under pressure," but it was before the start of the book, when his bad luck started. Although he learned it before the ordeal, it took his trial and tribulation with the Marlin to be able for a reader to clearly recognize the display. Santiago's orde...

Money madness

If we are to save ourselves from humiliations, criticism, guilt, and blames in this modern day world, we must have money. Because money parallels power. And the poet strongly criticizes such a morally and socially degraded state of the Modern day society. He proclaims that bread, shelter, and fire should be free, to anybody and everybody all over the world. We must regain our sanity when it comes ...

Romeo and Juliet Composition

Why? Because if they thought about what they were doing, they would have known that their decision was wrong and would have probably came up with a decent solution. For instance, the common war the world is facing as we speak. Because of the quick-thinking that took place, more death is occurring than peace. The main goals of this war are not being completed. This is all because of quick-thinking...

Romeo & Juliet - Foil Characters

Away to heaven, respective lenity, And fire-ey'd fury be my conduct now!" (III, i, 122-4) This would be considered a normal reaction; however, Benvolio did not react so strongly. By this he magnifies Romeo's anger. Finally, Benvolio's lawful character amplifies Romeo's law breaking character. An example of this is when Benvolio says: "We talk here in public haunt of men: Either with draw unto some...

Romeo And Juliet Vs. The Sound Of Waves

When Shinji first saw Hatsue, he stared at her in amazement. "The boy purposely passed directly in front of the girl. In the same way that children stare at a strange object, he stopped and looked her full in the face." (p. 8, paragraph 2) With Romeo and Juliet, there was a similar reaction. When they saw each other, at the mask party, they wanted to be together. These two relationships sharpened...

Sexism In The Color Purple

Through the common beating of women, the stereotypes cast upon people, and the attitudes of the Olinka people, Alice walker writes about a predominantly sexist setting in The Color Purple. Walker writes about his to show how things really were in black as well as white culture in the past. If Alice Walker were to write about something more recent, she would write about sexism and discrimination of...

Allusion to Greek Mythology in Blake's The Tyger

He did many wonderful things with his powers, but just as many horrible and hateful things. The tiger, and all that he represents in this poem does the same. In addition, Hephaestus was also misjudged by those around him. This idea of prejudice is very prevalent in human society, we judge the tiger as well as anything else that appears ominous. Blake's concept of the tiger in this poem is very muc...

Edmund Spencer compared to Shakespeare

Shakespeare's tone seems to be rather sarcastic until the couplet at the end of his sonnet when he explains that he would rather have her than the most beautiful woman in the world. It is along the same lines as "Don't judge a book by its color". On the other hand Spenser believes that his wife is the most beautiful being in the universe and he relates that he would do anything just to have her lo...

Baz Luhrmann's appropriation "Romeo and Juliet"

Baz Luhrmann's film is very successful as an appropriation of the original play not only because of his creative ways in modernizing the play, but because the film itself can make one understand the extremeness of the situation in the storyline. That is, in the original play, horses and swords were used in the battles and when people read the play, they may not realise how severe and dangerous the...

"Strange Objects" by Gary Crew

Conflict is defined in the Oxford dictionary as 'a serious disagreement or argument, an incompatibility between opinions'. In Strange Objects both storylines have conflicts such as killing, fighting and conflict caused by lack of trust. Messenger becomes a more defensive person because he wants to keep the ring for himself. There is conflict with his mother by getting a lock on his door from Kratz...

Theme Of "The Lottery" By Shirley Jackson

Point of view is another literary element used by Jackson throughout the story. The third person point of view hides the thoughts and feelings of the characters. By hiding the characters thoughts and feelings, readers can only make assumptions based on the actions of the characters. Based on some of the characters actions, it's obvious that many characters do not agree with the lottery and the pra...

Use Of Literary Devices In Emily Dickinson Poems

The literary devices used in both of these works show the examples of how self-image can be influenced by outside sources. The paradox shown in the poem shows how others can influence thoughts by stating, "A soul admitted to itself- finite infinity." The paradox of "finite infinity" shows that the self-importance of one's self can be broken at some point if it is allowed to occur. Dickinson also ...

The Use of Satire in Brave New World

John being called a savage shows irony in Brave New World. John is the character that most resembles today's values. He does not want to have sex with Lenina, even though she wants him to. He wants to marry her and express his devotion to her in some way, two foreign concepts to Lenina. Lenina rejects this, and just starts taking her clothes off. Throughout the end of the book, John tries to get ...

"War" By Timothy Findley

The reader of this story can tell right at the end of the story when Neil is throwing rocks at his father, that the situation seem out of the ordinary. This is an error in this story because it becomes obvious that the reaction his father has is different because a father does not normally just let their son throw rocks at them. In the 1940's things were not exactly how they are now, parents would...

William Shakespeare's Macbeth Lady Macbeth Rediscovered

These factors are all qualities of a tragic hero. In regards to the words of George Bernard Shaw, we must always think about things for what they really are. If Lady Macbeth had not been further examined, she would only have been seen as a heartless villain, because that is what she appears to be. Lady Macbeth is truly a tragic hero, and should be viewed as such. It is important not to judge peop...

12 Angry Men - Critical Thinkers

He had the obstacle of trying to stand up for himself, understand his voice counts and that his mind works just like others. Juror 11 conquered this obstacle when juror 8 was talking about the wound, he realized that the someone taller would have had to been the killer. He also explained to the others that a switchblade is use in an upward motion. Once these characters got over their obstacles, th...

1984 - Reflection Paper

In Orwell's 1984, what seems, may not be. The logical might be illogical. What is right could be wrong. What was intended for good could become unjust. Most critics shot down Orwell's ideas when the book was initially reviewed in 1948. However, with the advent of modern technology, I feel overwhelmed by the thought of personal information abuse. Abuse not only in a ubiquitous government, but exte...

Theme of Revenge in William Shakespeare's Play Hamlet

Revenge shapes the entire plot of Hamlet and could be blamed for corrupting Hamlet and Laertes, making them almost as evil as the person who started all the problems. Shakespeare highlights the moral implications of revenge, and how a person can be corrupted by their need for revenge. The somewhat clichéd saying 'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth' is outlined perfectly in Hamlet. You cannot ...

Wife and Mother in Old Mother Savage

Maupassant, in five short pages, presents a compelling argument for the avoidance of limiting women with restrictive identity roles. Disastrous consequences are all too likely to result from their removal. Consequences that go beyond the death of four soldiers and their murder, the narrator's friend Serval had his chateau burned down by the Prussians due to Victoire's actions. If her identity had ...

"Theme For English B" by Langston Hughes

He identifies with his culture and lets the reader "see and hear, Harlem". This poem shows the speaker's "true" feelings towards society, how some white people "don't want to be a part of me". He reflects on the present state of blacks in America, racism, and most importantly the oppression he feels as a black student stating that "white" people are "somewhat more free". I believe Hughes wrote thi...

Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", West Side Story and Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo and Juliet"

Luhrmann uses many of Shakespeare's themes and motifs that come along with the script and was successfully able to alter them to relate to today's society. An example of this is his modern interpretation of Queen Mab as a tablet of LSD. Where Mercutio speaks of Queen Mab being 'no bigger than an agate stone/ on the forefinger of an alderman', Luhrmanns Mercutio holds out the tablet on his forefin...

Analyzing Poetry of Edmund Spenser

It is interesting how the third quatrain makes somewhat of a different point than the first two. Typically the first three quatrains are used to restate the point of the writer. Each of the three quatrains form their own sentence, as well as the couplet. I believe Spenser does this in order to try and make each point of each quatrain important to the reader. Each quatrain describes something speci...

Assess the importance of setting in Heart of Darkness

The setting also is ivory, Conrad uses it as a symbol of man's inner savagery, greed and evil. The author also uses ivory as contradiction to the usual symbols of good and evil. If good is represented with the white colour, here is Heart of Darkness ivory is the evil part no matter that it is one of the purest and whitest materials in the world. The contradiction the setting presents entraps the a...

Book Review: Leading Change by John P. Kotter

To summarize, Kotter reinforces that an increasingly changing business environment is forcing decisions to be made quicker and organizations to become more flexible to external changes than ever before. Only with increased flexibility, teamwork and leaner organizations can a leader ever hope to make changes in response to these pressure. The leadership qualities of the change agents very important...

Character Analyzation "The guest" Albert camus

The irony of this story is Daru is actually the stranger in a strange land while we might perceive the Arab as the "guest." In conclusion, we see that different cultures have conflicting views about what is right and what is wrong. As an existentialist, Daru let the Arab decide his own fate. Daru felt if he took the Arab to jail, it would be wrong. He also felt if he told him to go free, it would ...

"Landscape with the Fall of Icarus" by William Carlos Williams

While I was reading the poem for a third time I looked at the title and noticed the word "Fall". After that I looked down at the poem itself and noticed that the stanzas were written in a short simple way to be narrow enough so that the reader can kind of sense the feeling of falling. After noticing that I also observed that the word "Icarus" appeared both at the top and bottom of the poem, and ty...

William Wordsworth's portrayal of Nature

Wordsworth's poems," Three years she grew in sun and shower" and "Resolution and Independence" show that the characters he most admired lived their lives in the midst of nature. The poem "Three years she grew...." Is about a young girl, Lucy, who is taken away by Nature. In the poem, Nature says that she will make Lucy a lady exactly like herself. She says that Lucy will be a part of Nature and wi...

The Black Cat and the Cask of Amontillado

Although they are very similar, the Black Cat and the Cask of Amontillado have many differences. The Cask of Amontillado is a very ironic story, whereas the Black Cat is very ambiguous. "The Cask of Amontillado" is a powerful tale of revenge while the Black Cat is psychological study of domestic violence and guilt, but, unlike the "Cask of Amontillado", this story does not deal with premeditated m...

"The Great Gatsby" and "The Talented Mr. Ripley"

The American Dream is exposed in Ripley's desire-blinded personality, reflecting his profound dissatisfaction with his self-image and identity. Ripley claims "it'd be better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody", accentuating his aspiration to reinvent his character. Minghella employs the use of mirrors to highlight the theme of reinvention. In the scenes where Tom is in Dickie's clothes and T...

Two Poems Comparison

In Tagore's poem the speaker describes how extraordinary lives might not look as special as the time goes by. Meanwhile, it shows that everyone is changed with poetry, and it is poetry that makes his or her life story seem so different at another existence. Nobody is really ordinary; it depends from point of view they are being looked at that is what makes all the difference. It is evident that no...

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