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Critical Analysis of Death of a Salesman

This diatribe aside Willy was in fact the biggest abuser of himself. One unanswered question seems to resound through this play, and that is why did Willy feel the need to criticize those around him? Was it his upbringing? I am under the impression it was due to mental illness. Willy seems to have many of the characteristics of one who is depressed; persistently sad, anxious, feelings of helplessn...

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Albert Camus The Stranger: Existentialism and Absurdism

1."Existentialism." The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004. Answers.com 28 Mar. 2007. http://www.answers.com/topic/existentialism2.Marcuse, Herbert. "Sartre's Existentialism". Printed in Studies in Critical Philosophy. Translated by Joris De Bres. London: NLB, 1972. p. 1613.Camus, Albert. The Stranger. Middlesex: UK Penguin Classi...

Analysis of "Evaluations" and "When Done for Thee"

His poem "When Done for Thee" is a love poem, dedicated to a very special person, as the title suggests. The word in the title, "thee" is used to refer to someone of significant meaning, like when we use it when talking to God in prayer. The poem could have been for God, but he clarified in the second stanza that he is talking about a person. So Litiatco regarded this person very highly. In the fi...

Analysis of the Significance of Othello's last speech

This passage is especially significant in relation to the play as a whole as it is the characteristic "recognition speech" of a Shakespearean tragedy. Having finally realised, albeit too late, that he has made a mistake for which he must now live with, Othello has finally regained his natural ability with language. No longer is he bumbling along muttering lines such as "O fool, fool, fool!", but h...

Antigone: Beliefs, Opinions, and Moral Views

The conflict between the beliefs of Creon and Antigone are layered throughout the play. Both have logical arguments, but neither dominates the other. Antigone is motivated by her strong religious feelings, while Creon is trying to be lawful and do what's right for his kingdom. Neither won this battle, as Antigone took her life, the lives of Creon's wife and son followed, leaving Creon with nothing...

Book Report: The Other Side Of Truth by Beverley Naidoo

Beverley Naidoo has written the novel in a very vivid style, and it is very easy to picture what is going on at each point in the book in you head. The opening is very strong and will immediately get the reader hooked, as it did for myself. Usually it is the opening of the book that decides whether you are going to read on or not, and in this book a major event happens in the first chapter, which ...

Short Story and Bound Man

In the story, "The Bound Man", by Ilse Aichingeer, Self-acceptance was the overal theme which was most revealed in the story. It was the truth that the bound man had to realize and the great deal of strengh and hope that encouraged the man to accept life as he was. It was the challenges he had to face with nature and society that led him to accomplish what he felt was needed to be done. Therfore, ...

Character analysis of "The Hitch-Hiker" by Roald Dahl

The most noticeable thing about the hitch hiker's speech is that he manages to criticize everything as if he looks down on every type of job out there. For example when the narrator guesses the hitch hikers job as a piano player, the hitch hiker responds saying, "My job, is a hundred times more difficult than a piano player, any twerp can learn how to do that." When the narrator guesses that the h...

Life Choise in The Choosing by Liz Lochhead

For all that, at the end, Liz has a moment of doubt. It's another hoary old question, especially for women: the choice between career and family. Liz has achieved, or is on the road to achieving, most of her educational goals, the ones she chose, or had chosen for her when she was young; Mary is establishing a family and seems blissfully happy, even though she fell out of the educational race year...

Clerk & Squire Contrast "The Canterbury Tales"

The portrait of the clerk and the squire in "The Canterbury Tales" shows two men of similar age; in the same time frame, "The Middle Ages". We learn that the two are very different in appearance, personality and interests. This can be attributed to the fact that they grew up in different classes. The clerk in the "Middle Class" and the squire in the "High Class", in this time frame classes molded...

Compare the short story "Flowers for Algernon"

To compare the roles of the doctors, doing the operation, also brings up a big difference. In the movie there is no Dr. Nemur, who plays a big role in the short story. In the short story Dr. Nemur represents the scientific world, which is not always human. Dr. Strauss plays the good, personal and human guy, which also cares about Charlie's feelings and his psychology. Now in the movie there is on...

Shakespeare's Tragedy of King Lear to Kurosawa's Ran

Kurosawa's interpretation of King Lear was valid and relevant to Shakespeare's King Lear through how he portrayed the plot relation, the themes of; family, betrayal, loyalty, and selfishness, and how he made his version into a Japanese drama. RAN must be shown when people are studying The Tragedy of King Lear because it not only helps understand what is happening on a visual aspect, but it gives ...

A Comparison of Two Poems by Black Poets

Even with all of the contrasting aspects of these two poems, they do share a principle theme of racial inequality. Additionally, in these two poems Hughes and Cullen were addressing the mass society. They wanted to voice their concerns with racial discrimination. With Hughes' use of vivid imagery and Cullen's use of symbolism, they collectively utilized the art of poetry to effectively illustrate ...

Conflicts Between Young And Old

Sometimes both generations have a common fear. That would be life in general, but the difference between the generations are how they confront their fears. The older generations might think of a solution on how to get over that fear in life and the younger generations might just "deal with it." Fears do not normally depend on age, race, or sex, everyone gets a little afraid of life at one point in...

Conformity vs. Rebellion in Story Bartleby the Scrivener

The images of entrapment and death are excellent representations of to the concept of conformity and rebellion, whereas Bartleby lives with the entrapment of his unfulfilling life, and finally chooses death as his ultimate rebellion. The narrator, Herman Melville, constructs the abstract character, Bartleby, to extract and speak for his desperation and hopelessness feeling towards the fate of huma...

A critical analysis of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Several fine points of the novel portray Bradbury's implication that a society founded on the need for advanced technology is doomed to lead a bleak and dangerous existence. Examples of technology promoting a brainless society are abundant throughout the entire book. Even more technology illustrates the hazards and harmful aspects of these technological advancements. When both the developed machi...

Crucible essay

Another way human weakness was illuminated in the Crucible is that John Proctor will not admit his affair with Abigail because he is afraid he will lose his farm and ruin his name. Mary Warren also gives into human weakness when John Proctor asks her to go to the court and tell that the girls are all faking there so called sickness caused by the accused witches. When she tries to tell Judge Danfor...

Analysis on "The Merchant of Venice" by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare made use of deception and false face in The Merchant of Venice because it is part of our everyday lives. All three characters deliberately use deception in order to achieve their goal. There are many different motivations for the use of a false face and these are shown in The Merchant of Venice. Whether it is Shylock using it for revenge, Jessica to search for a happier life or Portia...

Writing and Othello S Speech

iii. 81–82). While Othello is never rude in his speech, he does allow his eloquence to suffer as he is put under increasing strain by Iago’s plots. In the final moments of the play, Othello regains his composure and, once again, seduces both his onstage and offstage audiences with his words. The speech that precedes his suicide is a tale that could woo almost anyone. It is the tension between ...

Dover Beach Theme Imagery and Sound

Arnold's "Dover Beach" applies technical qualities, symbolism, and imagery to reveal the theme of illusion versus reality. The emotional struggle of the speaker is supported by the rhythm and the meter, the lack of a consistent rhyme scheme, the figures of speech, the sound of the words, and the irony of the entire poem. The symbolism of the sea and the imagery of light and dark bring out the alte...

Dramatic irony in Of Mice and Men

Despite the fact that Lennie is a weight for George, George always ends up defending him but cannot do anything to save him in the end and his forced to kill him. He kills him for love and this is another element of irony in Of Mice and Men. But once Lennie is dead, George is lonely and despite his attachement to his dream of owning a farm he has to realize his dream has died with Lennie, because ...

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and the city of Sarajevo

The acceptance of your boyfriend or girlfriend by family members and loved ones can mean a great deal to the two lovers. If Romeo and Juliet knew they would have had the approval of their families, I highly doubt they would have done all the sneaking around and lying they did. However, in Bosko and Admira's story, the two knew they were accepted in each other's families. Their parents didn't make ...

The Ethics of Hamlet

Hamlet is clearly concerned that his foe will not suffer appropriately. Therefore, he delays his act of vengeance. Through his thoughts, he exposes a very important part of his personality, a habit of thinking things over and over again. This passage evidently shows Hamlet's extensive use of vigilance and reasoning. This scene is exceptionally important because it is the only scene where Hamlet is...

Euthanasia: Argumentative essay

There are other factors people often forget about euthanasia such as economic costs. There is a limit on human resources in the world, in some countries there is a serious shortage of hospital space. The energy of doctors should be put on peoples lives that can be saved instead of a continued life of somebody who wants to die. This would increase the general quality of care, and would shorten wait...

Existentialism in Camus' "The Stranger"

He is able to dissect himself and examine what his future will bring, and experiences several emotions often grouped with existentialism; the most outstanding being fear and anxiety. Society had declared Meursault absurd because of his unrelenting uniqueness and through this, the title of the book may be derived. Meursault has become a stranger in his own world, a social outcast punished for crime...

Gattaca and Orwell's 1984 compared

Gattaca has a class system as well but, it is a much simpler one controlled by science. Depending upon Gene manipulation a citizen is either a valid or they are an invalid. The days discrimination because of race, religion, or sexuality are gone, in this world all that matters is the results of a blood test. The lead character portrayed by Ethan Hawk is Vincent/Jerome Morrow. He is what they call...

The Great Gatsby Book Vs. Movie

After analyzing all these details, I came to a conclusion about the movie. Even though there were many scenes that were shown just as they were described in the book, the movie was just a lame "big screen" version of the novel, as it happens lost of the times when passing a book to the "big screen". Details that were very important like the presence of "Owl Eyes" were skipped for who knows what r...

"The Great Gatsby" Color Analysis

In final consideration, Fitzgerald builds and shapes a world of colors around the characters of the story, creating not only their different looks and behaviors, but also elaborating their personalities and sentiments. These colors connect the reader to the novel by making him see and feel the actual events and emotions a character has and not only an imaginative image. Gatsby's example, which is ...

Huck Finn Character Analysis

How is Huck able to achieve this accomplishment? It is his departure from conventional society as well as his relationship with Jim that allows Huck to develop considerable moral character. At the start of the story Huck is restricted by society and forced to believe what they tell him to believe, so he does not feel any personal connection with Jim. Once Huck leaves society he starts to form his...

Herman Hesse's Siddhartha Analysis

The settings present in this novel also present Hesse's purpose in portraying a mythic quality of the book. According to sparknotes.com, the book is set in India in the 5th to 6th century before the Christian era and includes the setting from the actual life of the Buddha and the actual features of India. However, this is not an accurate record of events as it is a highly stylized representation o...

Industrialization in "Hard Times" by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens lived during the industrial revolution, an era ruled by utilitarianism. His knowledge of the system as well as his personal opinion is revealed in Hard Times through the characterisation of the Gradgrind family, Sissy Jupe and Bitzer. Mr Gradgrind believes that fact is one and only thing you need whilst Sissy believes there is more to life than fact. Throughout the novel these two ...

An Interpretation of Horace's Art of Poetry

Horace's work of art demonstrated his expertise in writing, as well as the Hellenistic influence on Roman writers. Horace declared, "To flee vice is the beginning of virtue, and to have got rid of folly is the beginning of wisdom." And Horace's wisdom had presented new insights to the ancient Roman Empire. In studying Horace's polished writings and distinguished qualities, scholars can further inv...

Irony In The Canterbury Tales

Overall, irony adds strength and diversity to Chaucer's story, making his writings more successful. Irony combined with Chaucer's imagination, wit, humor, and intelligence makes The Canterbury Tales successful and interesting to the reader. This irony presented in Chaucer's characters and his humor helps to intensify Chaucer's writings. Conclusively, the real success of the story relies in the in...

The Jaguar by Ted Hughes

The images in the poem that linger are of forms of entrapment, of the essence of the yearning to be free, of thought as elusive, of nature as untameable. The jaguar's imaginative journey has taken it away from its captivity and has carried the crowd on an imaginative journey with it. It shows to the reader that the power of imagination is able to dissolve any physical boundaries as long as one dar...

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: Scout's Curiosity

Scout's curious behavior plays an important role in the life of the community, along with her own personality. As a result of this curiosity, she saves the life of Atticus, Tom Robinson, Jem, and herself and she rescues Boo from his lonely life. She has learned to reject prejudices in life, especially toward certain people, such as blacks or Boo Radley. However, the majority of Maycomb has yet to ...

Short STory The Lesson by Toni Bambara

Through the use of informal diction, the author provides a courageous voice against unjust society. The thoughts and statements of characters enrich the theme of the story even more. The United States is not the only nation with unequal distribution of money. While we are spending money on insignificant possessions, many people around the world suffer from poverty and poor education. By incorporat...

Light imagery in Romeo and Juliet

When Juliet is preparing to be married to Paris, and her and the friar devise a plan to help her and Romeo escape to Mantua together, the friar says "and that very night shall Romeo bear the hence to Mantua." (4.1, line 117), and "I'll have this knot knit up tomorrow morning"(4.2, line 24) show once again how Romeo and Juliet are happy at night than they are during the day, because they can escape...

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