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For Love, or Money?

...It is also very strange to see the narrator, Nick, just stand their and watch all these crazy things happen. Although Gatsby dies as a failure to his one goal, Nick does not see it that way. Nick sees Gatsby as a man that worked his way to the top. Nick admires Gatsby for his ambition. Gatsby did not care at all about fame and fortune unless it included Daisy. Nick understands Gatsby's obsession, and he feels that out of all the characters that he has met throughout the story, Gatsby is far bett...

Love Through the Ages

...If I wanted to write a poem about love, I would write about the love of mother for her child. I believe the mother's love is the purest and most beautiful love. I would include many images showing how a mother cares about her child and how her love is unconditional. I would also use figurative language to explain the love of a mother for her child. I may say how a mother protects her child from all the dangers by comparing it to nature. Or I may use simile to show how desperate a child can be wi...

"Naming of parts" by Henry Reed, and "War is Kind" by Stephen Crane

...In "War is Kind" and "Naming of the Parts," both authors' attitudes toward war are similar but only on the basic level. They both believe war is a tremendous waste of time for it solves nothing at all. For Stephen Crane, this deeply ironic poem is not only an attack on war and all of its horror but also a statement against violence of any kind. This includes the violence that we observe daily, mans inhumanity to man, and the rage and fury within our own hearts, which are equally as destructive. ...

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Sir John Sucklings best poems "Song"

...Lastly when examining Suckling's poetry, and comparing to other cavalier poetry, it is seen that the form he writes in is again in the true spirit of the cavaliers. First off Suckling writes in a style of directness, and his verses are somewhat witty. His verses rhyme, a style traditional to the cavaliers. Another aspect, which is important to the form of Sucklin'g poems, is he detail to courtly matters. . "His poetry embodied the life and culture of upper-class, pre-Commonwealth England, mixing...

"A Martian Sends A Postcard Home" by Craig Raine

...This poem uses a multiple metaphors to describe what a Martian would encounter if he visited Earth. The poem is interesting to read because it requires the reader to use their imagination, the reader must think in order to figure out these everyday things the Martian is seeing for the first time, it's somewhat of a brainteaser. It's obvious that the Martian is seeing these things for the first time, it makes the reader wonder why a simple thing such as a watch or a clock is not found on his pla...

"The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka

...All these factors that caused him to become a bug, had ultimately been his choice, as it was he that decided to make his family a priority, allowing them to influence him to become an insect. Kafka intentionally made it clear that it was Gregor's choice to become an insect, and no one else's. He had made the decision to work so hard to support his family, to protect himself from any intimacies, and to do so much and receive nothing in return. These characteristics he held of an insect could only...

Mohandas Ghandi's Resistance speech

...The speech made by Mohandas Gandhi before a judge, under the British system, speaks for itself. Gandhi provides reasons why the system failed to suit the needs of his people. George Orwell writes about the innocent, yet mandated shooting of an elephant, brought upon by the system. Both writers describe their events with comparing and contrasting attitudes. When comparing the attitudes Gandhi who at one time worked under the system with full allegiance, goes before the system and rejects it compl...

Mortal Law Verses Divine Law

...Everyone can identify with Antigone's attitude because all people have their own set of "higher laws" or moral values. These values have changed over time. Different people from different times and different cultures are obviously going to have varying views. In the days when everyone had the same value system because they were all the same religion, these values were reflected in the laws. As people progressed, they separated into different religions and beliefs so the laws changed with them, b...

Mother And Daughter Relationships

...With this kind of relationship between them their mother-daughter relationship the love will never end. However, the mother-daughter relationship in "Who's Irish?" is horrible. The mother loves her daughter, but she can't show it to Nattie because she doesn't want to let go of her traditions. This leads to the physical abuse of Sophie and aggravation from Nattie, which would head the relationship in a downhill pattern. The families portrayed in these two stories depict very different mother-daug...

Poem: "Mr. Bleaney" by Philip Larkin

...From now on, after he moved in, the new tenant devotes his time to finding out about Mr Bleaney, and describing the character who emerges with a critical eye. He looks down the end of his nose at him, mocks his lifestyle and finds a sense of achievement in having deduced so much about him. The irony is immense; we can see this new tenant identifying with Mr Bleaney by adopting the same lifestyle as he: Living in the same abode; stubbing his: "Fags on the same saucer-souvenir," (alliterated for t...

American Cultural Puritanism and The Crucible

...In this same fashion, parallels can be drawn between The Crucible and contemporary society. Many members of society still fight a moral conflict when protesting the government, mainly because the belief that society must somehow make sense is common. Even though Puritanism and the beliefs associated with it do not effect society in the same way that they did in 1962, similarities can be seen in the lessons that the Salem Witch Trials teach and happenings in the modern-day world. While Miller use...

The poem "America" by Allen Ginsberg

...In the second verse "it occurs to me that I am america" he adopts a far more involved attitude. He acknowledges that his every action effects other's lives in some way or another. In saying that he IS america, allen ginsberg is taking his complete happy go lucky attitude and disreguard for his actions as a part of america to the opposite extreme, and instead taking on all the stresses and responsibilities under his belt as if he is america. Although whilst doing this, he still holds a somewhat c...

Scarlet Letter's Among Society Today

...Modern day society cares too much about too many events and actions that occur in everyday life. These cares include clothing, looks, cars, music preferences, and wealth. Somehow, all these cares of current day society, relate to the cares of the society in the novel The Scarlet Letter. There are more "scarlet letter's" that are present in today's society than there was the duration of the novel, but the intensity of the events is the novel were stronger than currently is life. Fortunately, toda...

"The Sensible Thing" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

...In conclusion, it is obvious that Fitzgerald identified wealthy living as desirable, but he also examined issues of regaining lost loves and lost opportunities. In "The Sensible Thing," as well as other Fitzgerald works, the idea of wealth, social status, and love played a major part in the theme, setting, and subject matter. Fitzgerald's personal life is filled with many examples of these concepts. This examination of the life and works of Fitzgerald clearly shows these elements in "The Sensibl...

Compare and contrast Hamlet vs. Laertes

...With life comes experience. Every moment one lives, is a lesson, a lesson on how to act and react in every situation. Individuals can be reared with similar parenting, family and school environment, and still react quite differently under the same set of circumstances. When one is faced with a situation so extreme as avenging a loved ones death, it is impossible and wrong to say that another would have done the same in that situation. The challenges of life are what guide one to the next level; ...

Character Flaws of "Romeo and Juliet"

...Romeo is so much in love with Juliet that he wants to kill himself when he discovers that she is dead. Romeo causes the death of Mercutio and Tybalt. If Romeo was not trying to make peace with Tybalt, Mercutio would not have tried to defend Romeo. Mercutio feels that Romeo is afraid to fight Tybalt and he wants to defend him. Romeo only wishes to make peace with Tybalt because now he is a relative of his. Paris dies by trying to defend the Capulets tomb from Romeo. Paris feels that Romeo has com...

Short stories by O' Henry

...The sudden unforgettable revelation of character; the vision of a world though another's eyes; the capture of a moment in time. All this, the short story, at its best, is uniquely capable of conveying, for in it's very shortness lies it's greatest strength. O' Henry, William Sydney Porter, whoever the name may be, in his short stories discovers depths of meaning in the causal word or action, he can suggest in a page what struggles to be said in a volume, which makes him uniquely worthy and capab...

"The Storm" by Kate Chopin

...In conclusion, Chopin's portrayal of the storm's setting reinforces the plot's main thematic elements through descriptive imagery that coincides with the characters emotions throughout the story. Chopin's use of descriptive imagery in "The Storm" draws the reader into the setting and provides essential elements for plot development. Chopin utilizes the stormy setting to portray the characters participating in sinful acts that at the time were considered taboo. Also, the setting of "The Storm" pr...

Utopia: The Ideal Society

...In conclusion, concepts of the human mind and realities of the world must reside in harmony in order for a utopian society to succeed. Knowledge, reverence, and equality are the fundamental ingredients in a perfect social order. In the ideal society, these elements all come together to allow everyone to live in serenity. Nothing ever goes wrong, nor could anything ever. If anything went wrong in this society, it would no longer be perfect, and therefore it would no longer be a utopia. Utopia see...

"A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" by John Donne

...The connection described in the two poems is evident in marriages that last. Those couples that later spend over fifty blissful years together are those that married for a deep feeling of fulfillment than that of a physical need that was met. True love has become misunderstood in the past years. Shakespeare and Donne realized what it took to make a relationship work and what true love really is. True love stands the test of time and never changes. True love is what it was two hundred thousand ye...

A Visit of Charity by Eudora Welty

...In the story, Marian, "a young Campfire girl", sets out a visit to the Old Lady House. She wears "a red coat and her straight yellow hair is hanging down loose from the pointed white cap all the little girls are wearing this year." This suggests us that she is not a self-conscious individual. She pays the visit for unquestioning duty since all other campfire girls do so. Her motive is also for the points, which reward on her project. The author also gives way to Marian's selfish nature when she ...

Short story "The Devil and Tom Walker"

...Tom Walker's actions are predictable because he's a simple-minded greedy man. He's very one-dimensional; he represents the greed that inherent to human nature, but he is totally consumed by it. The reader can assume that because Tom is so greedy, he will eventually sell his soul to the Devil in exchange for riches--and so he does. Also, because this type of story (man meets devil, man sells his soul to devil, man suffers dire consequences in the end) is quite typical, it is easy to predict the e...

Lord of the Flies as an Allegory

...The signal fire is another symbol that changes to reflect the downward spiral of the children. The fire was instituted by Ralph and Piggy as an attempt to draw attention in hopes of rescue. The fire can be seen as a connection to civilization and as civilization itself. When the fire burns well at a normal pace, the island is at peace. "We've got no fire. That thing just sits up thereƒ{ we'll have to stay here" (Golding 129). But when the fire is out, the boys seen to loose interest in civiliza...

Themes in "Brave New World"

...The story highlights the principle of pleasure and pain under the utilitarianist theory. It states that a society should aim to maximize pleasure for the maximum number of people and minimize their pain. In the story, the state does the same when it tries to create a society that revels in physical pleasure and happiness. If people still feel pain or dissatisfaction, they are encouraged to take up drugs to soothe their anxieties. The writer tries to explain, through the new world, the dangers of...

Analysis of "The Oval Portrait" by Edgar Allen Poe

...There is definitely a sense of mystery in this narrative. From what an audience can gather, no one else was in the room with the painter and his wife. Whoever wrote the history of the painting could not have known what happened to the wife, unless the painter himself wrote it. Anything could have occurred in that room. From what the reader can tell, it is a good possibility that the painter strangled his wife himself and painted her dead body. It is nearly impossible to tell what exactly happene...

An analysis of the Maya Angelou poem "To a man"

...I think that Maya Angelou wrote this to show the complex emotions she feels about her man, possession, tenderness, love, and warmth all at once. The poem's effect on me was that it showed me the way a woman felt about her man, and it helped me understand the deeper emotions of a relationship. I liked the way she used Amber to show how her man changed, because it wasn't in a negative way, the Amber gave an impression of how precious he was, yet she changed her perspective with him. 'To a man' mad...

"The First Seven Years" Analysis

...Throughout Malamud's short story, he uses symbolism, setting, and epiphany to help develop the theme for the reader. Just like Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare's most famous tragedy, Sobel struggles for several years in order to eventually be with Mariam. Even knowing of Feld's aspirations for Mariam, Sobel continues to share his feelings through the books. By the end of the short story, Feld realizes how far and how much Sobel has sacrificed for his love. In the long run, happiness becomes more...

Analysis of the story "Shakespeare in the bush"

...Reexamining the argument, which fueled this story, it is clear to see that the author's friend was correct. The difference in culture had a large impact on the interpretation of Hamlet. The argument Laura Bohannan presents is flawed. Even though the Tiv elder was able to loosely predict the outcome of the story, Bohannan failed to prove that the plot and motives of Shakespeare's great tragedies were universal. The Tiv had very different rationalizations for the plot progression and the character...

Juliet's speech in Act 4, Scene 3

...This speech is, I believe, an extremely important one in the play. It is truly the moment where what has happened and what will happen come together in Juliet's decision that she would sacrifice herself out of love for Romeo. Parallel to that coming together in the plot is an assemblage of many images that have been used previously. It is also important because it is in my opinion the moment that Juliet enters into adulthood. In the lines "I needs must act alone", Juliet is finally ready to leav...

Color Imagery in Othello

...Color imagery in Shakespeare's Othello adds weight and meaning to the play. Many can read or view the play and simply enjoy it for its words and literary importance. Other readers or members in the audience enjoy searching deeper into the imagery, whether it be plant, animal, or color, to discover the hidden morals or meanings of the play. Not only do the colors make the play more visually exciting, but they allow the searching audience to add a deeper meaning, perhaps even a personal meaning, t...

Poems by Seamus Heaney "Death of a Naturalist" and "The Barn"

...The Barn seems to depict the tone of the whole poem right from the start. It has a vague threatening feel to it and this is theme is continued throughout the whole poem even at the end when the two sacks seemed threatening because they seemed to be moving. Death of a Naturalist however does not have a particular tone all the way through. At the beginning of this poem the description is of things that are revolting but because the child loved nature so much they are described as likeable aspects ...

The Salem Witch Trials in "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller


Analyzing Single Effect "Hop-Frog"

...At the beginning of the story, Poe shows us how Hop-Frog has been mistreated by the king just to get a laugh, and how the poor dwarf just puts up with it, again and again. He does this when he forces Hop-Frog to drink wine [http://search.targetwords.com/u.search?x=5977%7C1%7C%7C%7C%7Cwine%7CAA1VDw], even though it makes him almost mad. However, Hop-Frog gets his idea for his own "jest" for the masquerade party. He explains every detail of his plan to dress the king and his advisors up as the Eig...

Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies

...These books are both amazingly written and similar in several ways, but there is one major difference. The two books end with completely different views of civilization. Animal Farm ends with the animals not being able to tell the humans and the pigs apart, showing that evil had won. However, in Lord of the Flies, Ralph realizes when he sees the pig's head (which is used to represent evil) in its pristine state, that even in all this savagery and evil some good may occur. Right after he realized...

The irony in George Orwell's "Animal Farm"

...In the end the pigs became what they hated. They constantly were changing and breaking their own rules. The pigs started to act human and do human things. They turned on the other animals and lied to them. This sentence does closely relate because it is saying that the pigs became exactly what they wanted to get rid of. They never wanted Jones to come back but in reality he did, through the pigs. What is most demoniacally human about the pigs is their use of language not only to manipulate the ...

Explication of Adrienne Rich's "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers"

...The third stanza speaks about what will happen when Aunt Jennifer passes away. "When Aunt is dead, her terrified hands will lie/ Still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by" (9-10): Aunt Jennifer will lie in her deathbed wearing the ring that tainted her life. Until that day, she will keep finding things to get her mind off of her husband. "The tigers in the panel that she made/ Will go on prancing, proud and unafraid" (11-12): even when Aunt dies, the tigers she created will continue to conqu...

The facade essay on 'The Great Gatsby"

...In Tom's relationships, he proclaims love but does not display it. Tom is "a brute of a man", an aggressive bully who buys love. He won Daisy and Myrtle, his mistress, through money. Nick describes Tom when he says, "It was a body capable of enormous leverage- a cruel body"(11). When Tom breaks Myrtle's nose for saying his wife's name it confirms Nick's statement. His actions do not portray actions of love. Tom shows his want to be in control. He acts superior to the women in his life. Tom's re...

Favourite literary character

...The final reason why I consider Winston Smith to be my favourite character is his rebelliousness toward society. Right near the beginning of the book Winston buys a diary, even though they are strictly prohibited, and not only that but he writes down with big brother in it, which is a huge crime at this time because they can find out what he is thinking and arrest him. He also does many other things that he should have rights to do such as having sexual encounters with a woman named Julia. Not ...

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