Literature Essay Topics

Grapes of Wrath

In Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck wrote about the Joads and their forced migration from Oklahoma to California. They were forced to leave their simple farming life because of the Great Depression. Through the struggles of the members and friends of the Joads, Steinbeck was able to portray an undesirable, yet accurate picture of America… View Article

Applying for English literature

I was in my junior school when I decided that gender would not be a bar against my pursuit of knowledge, acquisition of a college degree and a doctorate in my future life. I am in the threshold of that final objective and that is why I am applying for this program in Winthrop University…. View Article

Candide by Voltaire

In the beginning of 17th century and the peak of 18th century, there was a movement known as “Enlightenment” which encompassed a wide variety of ideas and advances in the field of philosophy, science and medicine. Voltaire embodies the Enlightenment more than any other intellectual or writer. Enlightenment is also called the age of Voltaire…. View Article

English is Broken Here

English is Broken Here: Notes on Cultural Fusion is a series of essays where Coco Fusco examines the work of Latino performance artists born in the United States of America and the themes of “otherness” and culture clash. Fusco’s work depicts cultural fusion thru live performances. She meant to educate people thru her work of… View Article

Fantasy literature for children

Q (1). Fantasy literature means new ideas and deals with new images, fantasy includes literature, myths, legends, fairy tales, stories of super natural beings with super natural powers, fantasy creates an imaginative world in which the super natural is natural and plays a perfect part essential to the story to complete it, such literature is… View Article

Lord of the Flies Brings Abstract Idea Through Its Symbol

God loads people with humanity and savagery. It depends on how people manage it in everyday life. It also shows in Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies. This story concerns to how people run the instinct to live such rules, peacefully, moral and value. The story begins when a group of English schoolboys isolated on… View Article

The Man Who Was Almost a Man Literary Analysis of Dave

Throughout the life of someone they can accomplish many tasks that aggrandize their reputation, but it only takes one discrepancy to leave harrowing effects that will degenerate their character within society. In “The Man Who Was Almost A Man” Dave and his family are a destitute bunch, and with some convoluted idea Dave’s life goes… View Article

Poem and Short Story

Mill of the Gods (Estrella Alfon) Among us who lived in Espeleta – that street that I love, about whose people I keep telling tales – among us, I say, there was one named Martha, and she was the daughter of Pio and Engracia. To all of us, life must seem like a road given… View Article

Down the River

Edward Abbey’s essay Down the River reveals his strong belief that the existence of life revolves around nature itself. Abbey conveys these views through syntax, imagery, and his choice of structure. Abbey’s varying detail and syntax in the first half of the passage conveys an amazement toward nature. He states while gazing at the lion… View Article

Dophus Raymond

In the book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the people of Maycomb are prejudice. According to them, the only way a white man would be able to like a black man more than a white man is if he was an alcoholic or had some type of dysfunction. This applies to the majority… View Article

A Modest Proposal

“A Modest Proposal” is a strongly written satire by Jonathon Swift. In the essay, Swift applies nearly all of the elements of satire. Some of the most obvious elements are his use of creating a persona and his exaggeration. Beginning by analyzing the title, “A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People in… View Article

Gender Roles in Things Fall Apart

In Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart, the Ibo society has a strict system of behavioral customs that are assigned by gender. These customs restrict the freedom of Ibo woman and help to reinforce generation after generation the notion that Ibo men are superior to women. In Achebe’s essay An Image of Africa: Racism in… View Article

Mindless of Society

One theme Ray Bradbury developed in the novel Fahrenheit 451 is “mindless of mass culture”. In the novel is a city where no emotion exists, and where the society is happy, but realizing that the society is actually miserable. People are antisocial and are mindless zombies. Individuals can just enter your house without telling any… View Article

Her First Ball

My first impression of Leila simply from the first page of “Her First Ball,” was that she was an innocent girl that wasn’t completely satisfied with her current situation in life. Leila was portrayed as having a weak/inexperienced heart. For example, “…she couldn’t have helped crying because she was an only child, and no brother… View Article

Thank You, M’am

Indirect characterization is when the author makes the reader use his own judgment to decide what a character is like. In “Thank You, M’am”, by Langston Hughes, Mrs Jones was described as a large black women with a large purse. She was decoded as very stern by holding him tightly and saying “Pick up my… View Article

The Taming of the Shrew

William Shakespeare’s play, The Taming of the Shrew, is a controversial play that introduces a battle between a man and woman. The woman, whom is strong-willed, must show submission to her husband. As this play has been read by many people, there has been a wide range of different reactions about the play. Whether people… View Article

Kite Runner Quotes

“There is a way to be good again”. This quote is one of the remarkable quotes of this book. It is used in the beginning of the novel to make it more interesting. The choice of using this quote was very smart, since it explains a lot of the plots just in one sentence. This… View Article

Anna Avalon Character Sketch

Anna Avalon, the adventurous and admirable main character of “The Leap’ written by Louise Erdich has many traits that prove her to be a very admirable woman. Her daughter is very grateful to have her as a mother. Throughout this short story, it is quite easy to see that Anna Avalon is talented, careful and… View Article

The Bell Jar, Plath Synthesis

Sylvia Plath wrote an autobiography which was never meant to be known that it was about her own self, or even to be read in America until after her death. Who and what could she have been protecting and why would she even have wrote if it was such a big secret? Plath tells her… View Article

Left to Tell

Immaculee Ilibagiza was a college student in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide in which nearly one million people died. Her story is a remarkable testimony to the power of God’s grace to strengthen us during times of trial and to live the teaching of the Gospel in the face of overwhelming evil. Her story is… View Article

Great Expectation

Great Expectations is a novel by Charles Dickens. It was first published in serial form in the publication All the Year Round[1] from 1 December 1860 to August 1861. It has been adapted for stage and screen over 250 times. [2] Great Expectations is written in the style of bildungsroman, which follows the story of… View Article

A Streetcar Named Desire

•Blanche is halfway through writing a letter full of lies, describing a jet-set lifestyle with Shep Huntley, her wealthy friend. •Meanwhile, upstairs Eunice and Steve are fighting. Eunice rushes out of the apartment saying she is going to call the police. Stanley comes home, in bowling clothes. Steve comes down with a bruise on his… View Article

Robinson Crusoe vs Pride and Prejudice

Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe (1719) is one of the most important novels of the eighteenth century, and of the English literature. It is certainly the first novel in the sense that it is the first fictional narrative in which the ordinary person’s activities are the centre of continuous literary attention. Before that, in the early… View Article

Significance of Objects in the Doll’s House

Macaroons: nora ! Nora! Please don’t leave me and go… why did she leave me half eaten? what is going to happen of me now!! Torvald detests me, he was always against Nora eating me………why did it have to be me? Dress: everybody adored and praised Nora when she wore me… but alas! What was… View Article

Beloved, Water Imagery

We visually see water as a clear, constantly flowing object integrated in many areas such as an ocean, a pool, or even a simple cup. But sometimes we do not see the meaning water can have and it’s relation to society. In the novel Beloved, water is related to and involved in many instances that… View Article

Of Mice and Men

Through considering the roles of characters in the John Steinbeck novel Of Mice and Men I believe that the role of Curley’s wife is significant in the novel. Many aspects of her personality make her so important; other characters opinions on her also form a close judgment towards her from the beginning. I will be… View Article

Fanny Robin

With closer reference to chapters 7, 11 and 16 (appendix), explore Hardy’s presentation of Fanny Robin In chapter seven of the book ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ by Thomas Hardy, we are introduced to the character Fanny Robin. She is introduced during the night in the bleak darkness of a churchyard which symbolises death and… View Article

Robert Frost’s “Mending Wall”

The “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost is forty five lines long and is structured into a single paragraph verse. There are no stanzas and visually looks like and metaphorical represents a wall. Frost’s writes this poem in first person with the use of “I” which makes the poem narrative – as if the narrator is… View Article

The Magician: the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

The Magician is the second book in the series The Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott. The prologue is that Elders arrived on this world a millennium ago and created Danu Talis, a marvelous city. Eventually there was a schism between the elders and to save the world two incredibly powerful humans (humani), also know… View Article

Wuthering Heights

The main thematic element of the famous novels Wuthering Heights and Frankenstein are inserted in a certain context, under a revenge and betrayal bias, which are ultimately the main triggers of the dramatic action. There are similar scenes in both novels firstly the way Heathcliff gets exploited by Hindley in similar how Victor abandons his… View Article