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Fahrenheit 451: Journal #3 Quote Analysis

...The peace and relaxation nature provides help Montag complete his thinking process, which was incomplete because he couldn’t really think when he was surrounded by the fast-moving, overly colorful things, people that didn’t give a damn about anything except for themselves and their happiness, and a government that’s watching your every move. Not until he was completely separated from all that was he able to accept his new self and to move on; to make peace with his inner conflicts. Even he...

Fate vs free will

...The quote from the prologue “ A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life…”(I prologue 6) sets the stage of saying that Romeo and Juliet are not destined to be together. The quote being from the prologue means that there will be many examples of fate throughout the play. This quote also says that there are going to be many problems between Romeo and Juliet. When Romeo finds out Juliet had died he starts getting angry at the stars. “ Is it even so? Then I defy you stars!”(V I 25).Rome...

Odyssey Review/Essay Questions

...- The Iliad takes place in one location: Troy; in the Odyssey, Odysseus visits numerous places in his journey home. 15.Explain how Homer uses chronology in telling the story of Odysseus? =There’s a difference between the chronological order of events in the movie and in the story.In the movie it started the day that Telemachus was born and Odysseus was invited to fight in the war.After the war ,his journey in sailing home have begun in sailing different islands and places like the One-eyed gia...

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Author Exploration Paper: Saki

...When referring to his own writing, Saki often called it ‘“true enough to be interesting but not true enough to be tiresome’” (Hitchens). This view of Saki’s prose is quite clear--although his work mainly focuses on the people of Saki’s day, the tremendous events that occur to them keep Saki’s work interesting and engaging. There is no doubt that Saki was able to create imaginative works that captivate the reader, beautiful short stories that are incredibly detailed, and unique text...

Near The School For Handicapped Children Essay

...Stanza four has a complete change in the whole poem. It is nothing alike to the other stanzas, and the poet tries to show you how the handicapped boy is still happy, no matter how different he is or how many problems his world has, he dances and skips away, no matter how many people stare or what anybody else thinks. A good strategy the author has used here is repetition. In the line “he skips he dances and skips” he uses the word skips over and over again for affect. He also uses a simile f...

Analysis: “How much Land does a Man need” by Leo Tolstoy

...Once, a tradesman passing by told him about a lot of land sold for less money. “If I take it out there, I can get more than ten times as much for the money” so, he abandoned everything that he worked so hard on and left for inspection on that land. The land was obviously just the way the tradesman described. His greed just got out of control and it took over him. He was exhausted walking all day and he tried making it back to his meeting place before the day was over. But, due to his weak bo...

Horses Poem - Edwin Muir


"The Devil And Tom Walker" and Romanticism

...I believe “The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washinton Irving is a good example of the Romantic literary movement. The characters are almost in their own fantasy world and there is imagery throughout this story. It is very similar to other pieces of literature written during this era. The characters are connected to their emotions, their inner feelings come to light, and there are a lot of examples of nature and symbols. These reasons all support the fact that this is a Romantic piece of writing....

?Plot Summary (The Kugelmass Episode)

...He is conflict with himself. He is not happy with his second wife. He always wants to other woman. But he does not content with them because he does not know what he wants. Firstly he wants to romantics’ but he lives an affair with these woman. In briefly, he does not lead a life which he dreams. Mr.Kugelmass external conflict He is in conflict with environment. Because he is a famous professor, he does not want to be learnt his private life. If his private life is l...

Descriptive essay: Harry Potter

...The white couch sits idly against the wall, and a taller white bookshelf is next to it. The first row of the bookshelf has different albums with genres like country, pop, and rock music standing up. The next three rows has books in an arrangement of books starting with childhood favorites, progressing to chapter books, and a collection of many different series of books like Harry Potter, all the way to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The final row consists of colorful and creatively desig...

Setting of Nick Joaquin's May Day Eve

...i think the first story of his that i read was "Three Generations." My favorite teacher (and mentor), Teacher Nina had explained the story so passionately that after the class, i read it over and over again. that was the year when i really fell in love with literature, a romance that is still going on right now. the next Nick Joaquin story Teacher Nina made us read was her favorite, "May Day Eve," at that time, still not that well versed with the relationships between the opposite sexes yet (yes...

Dead stars

...Alfredo "fell in love" with another woman in just a few weeks of his "neighboring" to the Martinez Residence, where Julia Salas stayed for her visit. Julia too, seemed to have fallen for Alfredo, but both knew that what they had was against, perhaps, morality, and was subject to the scrutiny and judgement of the society. Alfredo, being an engaged man, should not involve himself with others. But he chose to live a lie, he believed he found "youth" and "heart's desire" up in the hills with Julia. ...

Absalom and Achitophel

...Dryden is correctly regarded as the most vigorous and polished of English satirists combining refinement with fervour. Dryden is unequalled at debating in rhyme and Absalom and Achitophel displays his power of arguing in verse. It may be said that Absalom and Achitophel has no rival in the field of political satire. Apart from the contemporary interest of the poem and its historical value, it appeal to the modern reader lies in its observations on English character and on the weaknesses of man i...

The similarities between greek and indian mythology

...There are many other similarities between the various mythologies in the world. It is not possible to cover all of them under the realms of a single essay. But it is infinitely fascinating to learn more and more about them as they shows us how similar we all are, even though we have different cultures and are from different civilizations. The Greek and Indian civilizations are one of the oldest civilizations however it is an established fact that there was never any contact between the two cultu...

Distinctively Visual

...In conclusion, through the use of imagery, poetic techniques and the composer’s vibrant visualisations, we are able to shape meaning and understanding of the distinctively visual portrayed in the poems of Douglas Stewart, ‘Lady feeding the cats’ and ‘Nesting time’ and the striking and iconic image of the firefighters in the aftermath of 9/11 which are particularly effective. This portrays to the viewer the relationship in man and nature also visualising the struggle of human nature as ...

Meeting Scene Romeo and Juliet VS Gnomeo and Juliet

...In the Asbury’s version of Gnomeo and Juliet the camera angles are used to show that the film is humorous. The camera angle that has been used in the meeting scene Gnomeo and Juliet is an eye level angle; this is shown when Gnomeo and Juliet climbing up the glasshouse and when they both reach for the Orchid. The purpose behind using eye level angle is used to create the scene romantic when they touch for the first time. The camera angle is used to make the audience think that the two are in lo...

"great gatsby" green light

...Without the symbol of the green light at the end of Daisy's East Egg dock brought up throughout the novel, the reader would never get a glimpse into Gatsby's longing, his hopes and dreams, or the reality of his love for Daisy. As Americans have given different meanings to their own American dream, Gatsby idealizes Daisy as the epitome of perfection, something she does not possess nor deserve. Daisy is very money-oriented and vapid, and so is unworthy of being held in such high esteem by Gatsby,...

“How does Shakespeare present Macbeth as a disturbed character in Act 1 of Macbeth?”

...Overall, Shakespeare successfully shows the audience how Macbeth develops his disturbed character. By using language features and also the views of certain themes of the audience of the time, he introduces a very irrational character. These themes include violence, religion, politics and the idea that man’s desire for power outweighs any respect for the consequences. Macbeth slowly develops from a violent person to someone who is very fragile in the mind and also, essentially, a disturbed char...

3 mistakes of my life

...Chetan Bhagat trigger thereconciliation between Ish andGovind, rekindle the love betweenGovind and Vidya & instill in himthe desire to stay alive. 13. Comment?Content: The Three Mistakes of myLife’ is a story well told. Book hasmany interesting settings andsituation.?Language: This book is written simplyand has the quality that makes onewant to read the book cover tocover in one sitting. 14. ?Other: None of reason for saving Aliare based on the fact that hes aMuslim, or they save Ali out o...

Abigail Williams compared to Adolf Hitler and Joseph McCarthy

...Both of these men had influence on people that caused great chaos in others life similar to what Abigail did in her time. Joseph McCarthy made an accusation that started paranoia and accused many people of being a communist sympathizer, like Abigail did when she said the names of “Sarah Good”, “Goody Osburn”, “Bridget Bishop” (1156), and others who were supposedly witches and who she supposedly saw with the devil and got them killed. Adolf Hitler had about six million Jews killed bec...

The End of Something-An Analysis

...The story ends with Bill taking a sandwich and goes over to the rods to take a look at them. However, the reader is not shown if there any fish who struck the bait (66). This may symbolize the uncertain future of Nick and Marjorie, now broken apart. To close, the story of Nick and Marjorie’s relationship had a bitter end; it could be said that their relationship became stale and lost direction as time passed between them. The withering of their relationship, much like the deterioration of Hort...


...However, reality comes crashing down on her, when she witnesses the peasant woman’s delivery. The characterization of Kiran in ‘The Castaway’ and Bi Mughlani in ‘Touch-me-not’, both secondary female characters, is interestingly portrayed. Both women have a certain objective and throughout the story use their instrumentality to achieve the said design. Kiran’s character is seemingly immature and naive. She is constantly seeking amusement and perhaps unintentionally demands it from tho...

Character Analysis of Florante and Laura

...Same as Crisostomo Ibarra and Florante, Romeo has a competitor also for the hands and heart of Juliet, his name is Paris. Paris is the suitor of Juliet and the Capulets want Paris to be Juliet’s husband but we all know that Romeo is the one for Juliet. This shows that if you really love the person you will not be attracted to another person even if he do good to you or even if your family wants him for you. You should follow your heart if it is what makes you happy, you should fight for it eve...

The Unknown Citizen essay

...The use of imagery in “The Unknown Citizen” is very  important. Auden expresses the purpose of the poem through use of imagery, representation through language of sense experience. “And that his reactions to advertisements were normal in every way.” in line 15, “Policies taken out in his name prove that he was fully insured,” in line 16, and “And his Health-card shows he was once in hospital but left it cured.” In line 17 is visual imagery. “Had anything been wrong, we should ...

Everything Happens For a Reason

...Most people tend to look at the negative effect, instead of coping with the positive effects. Most negative effects deal with someone lying to you or leaving you. You learn to never trust anyone and that’s your way of coping. Where if you were to think of the positive effects, they lied so you would learn to strive for the truth; they left so that way the bad things could fall apart and the good things fall together. “Everything happens for a reason, though the reason is not always as clear ...

Shooting Dad

...Vowell is a very fascinating story-teller as she needs to be for radio. When telling a story she incorporates drama and imagery in her descprition to keep listeners interested. Using comparisons to real life obstacles within her stories, Vowell helps the reader relate to her stories to keep interest as well. Both essays, “The Inheritance of Tools” and “Shooting Dad” are concerned with the subject of a relationship between father and child. In Sanders’ piece, the father-son relationship...

“Havisham” by Carol-Anne Duffy

...In addition the lack of a proper ending by the poet makes the reader wonder what could have happened to Miss Havisham, she could simply just have stopped thinking/talking about her past, but she might have ran out of time to talk about her story.. She could have been caught up in it for so long that she died before she could ever reach a final conclusion.. But we will never know. We can relate to this because sometimes its hard to forget about your past love and sometimes you can get so wrapped ...

Oh captain my captain

...The country has accomplished its goal of the abolishment of slavery and the unification of people after a fearful war. In line 21, the examples of apostrophe, ordering “shores to exult,” and “bells to ring” are again referring to how the nation is celebrating while “I with mournful tread, Walk the deck my Captain lies, Fallen cold and dead”. Throughout the paper there is a distinct rhyme scheme, which is unusual for Whitman. The rhyme scheme in “O Captain! My Cap...

Romeo and Juliet comparison paper

...In addition, the birds-eye shot helps us relate to the intensity and hussle and bussle of the location, although Luhrmann also uses extreme close ups to sum up the emotion and passion in the characters eyes. However Zeffirelli’s shots are of a slower tempo and a gentler pace. One of the main reasons for this is that they couldn’t access the same editing software; nevertheless it contributes to traditional renaissance of Shakespeare’s powerful play scripts. To conclude both films were enjo...

Metafiction and Happy Endings (Margaret Atwood)

...In case you missed it, Atwood sums it up in her concluding remarks. 'John and Mary die. John and Mary die. John and Mary die.’ 'Happy Endings' forces us to question the point of life. Every story, carried to its ultimate logical conclusion, has the same ending, because all lives have the same ending. We may die in the heat of battle; we may die in our sleep. We may die in infancy, in a gang war, in a nursing home. But we're going to die. The story isn't in the ending -- it's in what we do on t...

Shakespeare's Unanswered Questions in Macbeth

...If a director wishes, he can provide hints as to how that will happen, or even if it is going to happen at all. If Fleance takes the throne through his somewhat distant bloodline, the play shows that fate is inevitable and trying to rush it will get you killed. If he is raising an army or something similar to take the throne, the play might be showing a recurring cycle of violence and loss of peoples souls. If the director implies that Fleance will never take the throne, the play shows that part...

The Period of Imitation (1910-1924)

...5. Julian Cruz Balmaceda. Wrote BUNGANGA NG PATING (Shark’s Mouth). This gave him much honor and fame. The Tagalog Short Story Two collections of Tagalog stories were published during the American Period. First was the MGA KUWENTONG GINTO (Golden Stories) published in 1936 and %) KUWENTONG GINTO ng 50 BATIKANG KUWENTISTA (50 Golden Stories by 50 Noted Storytellers) in 1939. The first was written by Alejandro Abadilla and Clodualdo del Mundo that contained the 25 best stories according to them....

The Importance of Studying English

...Last but not least,you can also enjoy read a literary works.You can buy and read an exciting novel books. There are many literary works or classics novel that were written by Willian Shakespear.Example of the books that written by Willian Shakespear is Romeo and Juliet and Twelftth Night. Most of the literary books were exciting to read.At least,reading a literary books can gain more knowledge in English and can also help improve our English structure.So,that’s why we must study English proper...

Compare and contrast essay "traveling through the dark" and "woodchuck"

...Each poem has a violent, grim, painful and guilty tone to it, maybe some or less in others. while reading “traveling through the dark” the doe’s death and the inescapable fate of the baby fawn brings on a feeling of guilt, more so that the poem of the “woodchucks”, also in the contrast the “woodchucks poem emphasizes on violence more than its partner. Throughout the story the narrator is blood thirsty and cares only about the death of woodchucks but does not relate to what is actuall...

They ask me for verses by Jose P. Rizal

...The members of the society requested him to write a poem, He expressed his emotional sentiments through his poem even though he doesn't find it easy to write poems any more, he tried to write and finish what he have started. During the time he was writing the poem, he can’t find any inspiration to write, he felt very sad that as if he was an outcast or separated from everyone; He feels lonely as if his soul is being squeezed or torn into pieces, that when he will write something it seems that ...

The Kite Runner Book Vs. Movie

...One reason I found the book, The Kite Runner, to be better than the movie was that the film lacked intense emotions that were so necessary for the plot to make sense and for certain actions to be justified. For example, the book makes a huge deal of Amir’s guilt when framing Hassan for stealing his watch. “I flinched, like I’d been slapped. My heart sank and I almost blurted out the truth. Then I understood: This was Hassan’s final sacrifice for me.” (105, Hosseini) From this quote you...

FAQ about Literature

Compare and Contrast the ways in which Christina Rossetti communicates her attitudes towards death in “Song” and “Remember”

...In conclusion, Rossetti’s attitudes to death, presented in both “Song” and “Remember” are highly subversive, and reject the pre-Raphaelite conventions of religion and the belief that the woman is dependant on their partner, in a passive rol ...

How does Wilfred Owen Create Sympathy in his Poem "Disabled"

...The poem also ends with questions like “why don’t they come” which tell the reader that since the war he is completely reliant on others and he despairs with his lack of freedom. Owen also uses women and war officers to make us feel sympathetic ...

What use does Steinbeck make of animals and animal imagery in ‘Of Mice and Men’?

...The Title ‘ Of Mice and Men’ came from the quote ’the best laid schemes of mice and men, often go awry.” When this quote is used next to the novel itself, even the title was a hint of what could happen within the story, without even knowing t ...

How does Steinbeck create mood and atmosphere in section 6

..."George let himself be helped to his feet. ‘Yeah, a drink.' Slim said, ‘You hadda, George. I swear you hadda. Come on with me.' He led George into the entrance of the trail and up towards the highway Curley and Carlson looked after them. And Carl ...

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