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FAQ about Oedipus

Who Is the Tragic Hero in Antigone?
...Creon condemned her to death and would not alter his perspective since he figured he would look weak to his people. This determination made him murder Antigone. Creon's obstinacy is his disastrous defect, which is appeared all through the play. These...
How is Oedipus a Tragic Hero According to Aristotle?
...Jocasta is the only person that felt pity for him. She knew the answers that Oedipus needed, but did not want him to find out. Jocasta told many lies to Oedipus. Oedipus is certainly a tragic hero. His determination and faith to search and find the t...
“Oedipus Rex” and what lead to his downfall
...Finally, Oedipus learns the entire truth: he had married his mother, killed his father, and had learned his birth parents are Laius and Jocasta. She, now, knows the truth proved feeble. Only after seeking the truth does Oedipus become noble. For the ...