Essays on Nora Helmer

Nora Helmer is a character from the play “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen. She is a young woman who is married to a man named Torvald. She has three children, but she is not happy with her life. She feels like she is living in a dollhouse and she wants to leave her family.

Essay themes and ideas about Nora Helmer

  • The Many Facets of Nora Helmer
  • A Woman Ahead of Her Time
  • A Doll in a Dollhouse
  • A Woman Caught Between Two Worlds
  • A Woman of Contradictions
  • A Woman Who Defies Convention
  • A Woman Who Is Not Quite Free
  • A Woman Who Is Both Victim and Agent
  • A Woman Who Is Both Submissive and Rebellious
  • A Woman Who Is Both Child and Adult