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FAQ about Napoleon

To what extent are Napoleon’s reforms during the Consulate (1799 – 1804) explained by his need to secure himself in power?
...The next major set of reforms he makes are those considering religion. During the years of the revolution when the Jacobins were in power, the government followed an atheist policy and attacked Christianity heavily. Napoleon reintroduced Catholicism ...
How and Why We Study History?
...As with any secondary resource, which the two above examples are, they both share the fundamental limitation in that the information provided within them surmounts to a secondary account. Yet this does not take away from their usefulness or informati...
How Far Does Luck Explain the Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte?
...When he retreated from Russia, almost all of his men got left behind (along with Michael Ney) and were completely annihilated by the enemy forces. After this, he suffered because of his army, or lack thereof. The resultant strain of fighting a multi ...
How Does Orwell Present Napoleon in Animal Farm?
...In conclusion George Orwell presents the character of Napoleon to us as a secretive liar and bully caring only about power. He goes back on a number of the farm commandments and alters them for the sake of himself, rather than the wealth fare of the ...