Essays on Mom Rose Mary Walls

Rose Mary Walls is the mother of the three Walls children, and the author of the memoir upon which the film is based. She is portrayed by Naomi Watts in the film. Rose Mary is an eccentric artist who often neglects her children in favor of her art, and she is shown to be emotionally abusive towards them. However, she is also shown to be a loving and protective mother, and she ultimately sacrifices her own happiness for her children’s sake.

Essay themes and ideas about Mom Rose Mary Walls

  • The Unconditional Love of a Mother
  • The Strength and Determination of a Mother
  • The Sacrifices a Mother Makes
  • The Unwavering Support of a Mother
  • A Mother’s Influence on her Children
  • The Importance of a Mother’s Presence
  • A Mother’s ability to Forgive
  • A Mother’s capacity to Love
  • The Power of a Mother’s Prayer
  • A Mother’s Legacy