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Migrant Hostel
Original title Migrant Hostel
Author Peter Skrzynecki
Genre Poetry
Language English
Characters The Speaker, The Other Migrants, The Guards, The Staff, The Other Residents
Published 1992
ISBN 978-0-7022-2557-8
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Migrant Hostel” is a poem by Peter Skrzynecki that tells the story of his family’s experience as migrant workers in Australia. The poem is set in a hostel for migrant workers, and Skrzynecki uses the setting to explore the themes of loneliness, isolation, and the need for human connection. The poem opens with a description of the hostel, which is a “small world” inhabited by people from all over the world. The residents of the hostel are constantly moving, and they never stay in one place for long. The poem then goes on to describe the residents of the hostel, who are all lonely and isolated. The only time they come together is when they eat, and even then they are not really together. The poem ends with a description of the day the Skrzyneckis left the hostel, and how they never looked back.”

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