Essays on Meursault

Meursault is the protagonist of Albert Camus’ novel The Stranger. He is a French Algerian who is convicted of murdering an Arab man. Meursault is an unsympathetic character who is indifferent to the death of his mother and the man he kills. He is a man of few words and his actions are often motivated by his own selfish desires.

Essay themes and ideas about Meursault

  • Meursault’s Dispassionate Nature
  • Meursault’s Lack of Emotional Depth
  • Meursault’s Unconcern for Others
  • Meursault’s Self-Absorption
  • Meursault’s Inability to Connect with Others
  • Meursault’s Emotional Numbness
  • Meursault’s Social Isolation
  • Meursault’s Alienation from Society
  • Meursault’s Indifference to Life
  • Meursault’s nihilistic worldview