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Lord Of The Flies
Original title Lord Of The Flies
Author William Golding

Allegorical Novel

Language English
Published 17 September 1954
ISBN 0-571-05686-5 (first edition, paperback)
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Lord of the Flies

About Lord Of The Flies Book

Lord of the flies highlights the core issue of misuse of power and the moral and immoral ways it is exercised to attain a certain plan, build a narrative, or corning individual thoughts. The novel was written by Nobel-Prize-winning British author William Golding; it was his debut novel.

In this novel, the writer explains the thin line between morality and immorality, how group thinking can corner individual thinking, and the rational and emotional reactions resulting from the misuse of power and power dynamics.

Lord of the files is appreciated and mentioned in many popular listings. It was mentioned in the modern library 100 best novels and stands at number 41 on the editor’s list, and secures 25 places on the reader’s list on the BBC’s big read poll. Time magazine’s also included it consecutively in its 100 best young adult books.

Book Summary:

The story starts with a group of boys stranded on the island due to their plane crash during the Second World War. Stranded alone on the island they don’t know what to do; they need a leader who can guide them on how to survive, and they elect a 12-year-old boy named Ralph as their leader.

Ralph made a smoke signal so that any ship nearby could see the signal and come to the rescue. He assigned different tasks after making smaller groups. Under Jack’s supervision, the choir boys are responsible for hunting; the twin boys were assigned to make and maintain a signal fire. Few younger boys called littluns to become Ralph’s counsel. A scientific thinker, Piggy, and a spiritual boy, Simon also got their tasks.

Under the leadership of Jack, the choir boys were assigned the task of hunting and became obsessed with killing sows; they painted their faces while tracking them. Jack saw an opportunity in all of this; he also wanted to become a leader. He starts to portray himself as a savior and leader by instilling fear of a beast that roams in the jungle, and the fear becomes firm when a dead soldier lands on a tree with his parachute.

Jack introduced different rituals and turned all the boys into savages; Simon one day saw a sow head mounted on a stake; upon further investigation, he discovered the alleged dead soldier on the mountain top, and the boys became savages. He rushed to Ralph but was encountered by jack mobs, which killed him. Jack recruits every other boy on the island into his savage force.

In the last part of the novel, the Jack boys attack Ralph’s camp and steal. When they are about to kill Ralph, he is saved by the British soldier who just arrived on the island after seeing the smoke signal. Lord of the Flies symbolism essay must use references to characters mentioned in the novel.

Lord of Flies the Flies Characters:

Many characters in the novel can be Lord of the Flies essay topics.

● Ralph: He is the main character and the first elected leader of the boys. He is smart, has leadership skills, and likes order; he successfully distributes different works to all the boys and prevails the sense of order and civilization. Unfortunately, he faces backlash and runs for his life from the savagery boys and is later saved by the British soldier.

● Piggy: Piggy is of the two boys Ralph consults for counsel. His overweight makes him ineligible from joining the hunters. Still, his smartness and intelligence make him close to Ralph, his effective strategy to build a solar clock and use glasses to ignite the fire help, Ralph, in his darker times. But unfortunately, he was killed by savages.

● Jack Merridew: He is a well-mannered boy and heads a choir back in the day. He gave up his good boy image, became the hunter’s leader, and began to question Ralph’s authority. His urge for dominance and desire to see other living creatures hurt makes him vulnerable.

● Simon: He is a soft-hearted and caring boy, making him a perfect hunter target. As narrated in the novel, the way he talks, he is suffered from epilepsy. His talks with himself in front of the pig’s head make him believe that a beast resides in himself and his friends. He was also killed by hunters when they went wild.

● The Beast: The beast is a mysterious, wild, and savage creature which every young boy fears. Older boys make efforts to clarify that there are no such things, yet one way or another, the younger ones still fear it, and their fear got more firm when a soldier with a parachute died on the mountain top. Jack uses this narrative and incites hatred against Ralph in the hunters. He promises to kill the beast, but hunters have to follow certain rituals, eventually turning them into savages.

Lord of the Flies Quotes:

Lord of the flies theme essay should include these quotes as a reference:

⮚ “Maybe there is a beast… maybe it’s only us.”

⮚ “The thing is – fear can’t hurt you any more than a dream.”

⮚ “The greatest ideas are the simplest.”

⮚ “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men; they are far superior and always have been.”

⮚ “The world, that understandable and lawful world, was slipping away.

⮚ “I believe man suffers from an appalling ignorance of his nature. I produce my view believing that it may be something like the truth.”

Essay Structures on the Lord of flies:

You have got enough information about the novel, and it would be pretty easy to write the lord of the flies essay. But remember that a good essay structure constitutes an effective piece of writing. You can successfully draft a good academic essay if you follow the essay structures properly. Always use relevant information, references, research facts, and a hook for Lord of the Flies essay. Here are some important parts of the essay’s structures and how to use them in your essay.


Lord of the flies essay introduction is an important part of the essay’s structure. The introduction can make or break the essay’s effectiveness. If it is written properly, it keeps the reader engaged and develops their interest till the conclusion. Lord of the flies essay examples gets a broader idea. Here are the three most necessary to be included in the introduction.

● Start your essay with a hook statement or some quote from the novel that is relevant and gets the reader’s attention. Once it grabs the attention, it will compel the reader to read further.

● The second part of the introduction needs a brief explanation of what you discuss in the essay.

● Your thesis statement validates your argument and states your essay’s main theme or view in the last part.


After the Lord of the flies introduction comes the body of the essay. It is the most information-rich part of the essay. It includes all the details, information, research facts and figures, quotes, and relevant statements that support your argument and go with the topic of your essay. One pro tip here is to maintain the smooth transition between different body paragraphs and keep them relevant to each other.


You can add good hooks for Lord of the flies essay in your conclusion to support your point of view; start your conclusion with a thesis statement. Then write your findings or results and conclude whether or not you are successful in proving your argument or leave it for the audience to decide. Keep it concise, to the point, and relevant.

Tips to consider while writing an essay about Lord of the Flies:

These tips help you produce an error-free, well-structured, properly thought-out, and relevant to the topic academic essay. You can use these for any book essays; save them in your memory. They will benefit you with your writing skill.

Read the Book Thoroughly:

It’s the most important and often neglected by the writers. The essay’s writers avoid reading the book thoroughly and reading only highlights and themes; they forget the most important fact they miss the useful information that can be useful and relevant to their topic. It also helps in naming the topic and inking a balanced paper.

Find a Compelling Topic:

Finding a compelling topic will become easier if you read the book thoroughly; it helps you understand the theme and major points of the book, which eventually helps you find good, compelling topics that go with the book theme. Here are a few ways to find a compelling topic:

● Complete your essay from start to finish, evaluate it, and asses which theme or topic suits best for the essay. You will have a clear idea, and you exactly know what will be the best topic.

● Another way to do it is by extracting it from your thesis statement; it doesn’t matter how long or short your topic is; you can have it if it’s justifying your thesis statement.

● Have more than one topic for your essay; go with the more relevant one upon finalizing.

Examples of Good Essay on Lord of the Flies:

Create The Outline:

Creating an outline before starting working on your essay helps you stay relevant, include all the necessary information, maintain the essay structure, and avoid overstuffing your essay with unnecessary information. Before outlining, do some brainstorming, do little research, and add points or headings. Arrange them in order; it will save your time, build your focus, and keep you away from distracting thoughts and information.

Write the Thesis Statement:

The thesis statement contains the crux of the essay; it has the main argument, which the writer explains in detail in other parts of the essay. It can vary due to perspective or thought process. The thesis statement for the Lord of the flies can be “Power or authority shows the real faces of man” or “Man’s true side is savageness.”

Include a Lesson or Moral:

Lord of the flies starts with a group of boys stranded on an isolated island due to their plane crash. As there was no elder in the group, the boys decided there must be a leader who could decide for their survival while they stuck on the island. They elected one of them.

Although the elected leader Ralph is smart and intelligent, later, he faces resistance and difficulties in exercising his authority by Jack supervising the hunter’s group. Jack later changes the hunter’s groups into savages by instilling fear and encouraging group members to kill the living creatures.

The hunters turned into savages kill Ralph’s close advisors or companions. They are about to kill Ralph when a naval officer comes and saves him. The whole story tells us how authority, power, and social structure can destroy or make human nature.

Conclusion: Proofread Your Work:

To deliver an effective essay, you must proofread your work after completing your essay. It will help you point out mistakes, make them correct, and give you an overview as a reader; you can then make changes accordingly. Proofreading also makes your essay grammatically correct, relevant, concise, well structured, and balanced.

Your conclusion must be short; start with a thesis statement, write about your findings or supportive statements, and give your final verdict or let the audience decide. A good conclusion compels the audience to think.


What does the beast symbolize in Lord of the flies?

The beast, an imaginary mysterious creature instilled by Jack among boys to keep them frightened, symbolizes the primal human instincts of savagery that exist in all human beings.

Who dies in Lord of the Flies?

Several characters die in Lord of the flies, an unnamed male parachute soldier on the mountain’s cliff while jumping out of the plane; The hunter’s boys kill Piggy, and Simon turns savage.

How does Piggy die in Lord of the flies?

A boulder killed Piggy after it was released by Roger, and one of the hunter boys turned savage. They killed Piggy because he tried to speak the truth against savages. But according to the author, truth always gets silenced one way or another.

How old is Ralph in Lord of the files?

Ralph is twelve years old, as mentioned in the novel. He is a smart and intelligent kid with leadership qualities. He is relatively older than other younger boys.

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