Essays on Leah Price

Leah Price is the daughter of Nathan and Orleanna Price, and the sister of Adah and Rachel. She is a precocious child who is fascinated by the Congo and its people. She is also very close to her father, and she is devastated when he dies.

Essay themes and ideas about Leah Price

  • Leah Price: A Character Analysis
  • The Development of Leah Price throughout Poisonwood
  • The Significance of Leah Price in Poisonwood
  • Leah Price: A Complex Character
  • Leah Price: A Tragic Character
  • The Tragedy of Leah Price
  • Leah Price: A Victim of Circumstance
  • Leah Price: A Study in Resilience
  • Leah Price: An Inspirational Character
  • Leah Price: A Symbol of Hope