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Original title Kindred
Author Octavia Butler
Genre Novel , Science Fiction , Psychological Fiction , Feminist Science Fiction
Language English
Characters Edana Franklin, Kevin Franklin, Rufus Weylin, Tom Weylin, Alice Greenwood
Published June 1979
ISBN 978-0-14-013933-3
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“Kindred” is a novel by Octavia Butler. It is the story of a young black woman named Dana, who is transported back in time to the antebellum South, where she meets and falls in love with a white man named Kevin.
Dana is a strong and independent woman, who is not afraid to stand up for herself or her beliefs. She is also a very compassionate person, who is willing to help others, even if they are not related to her.
Kevin is a kind and gentle man, who is also very brave. He is willing to risk his life to save Dana, and he is also willing to fight for what he believes in.
The relationship between Dana and Kevin is a difficult one, because they are from different worlds. However, they are able to overcome their differences and find happiness together.

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