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Original title Killings
Author Andre Dubus
Genre Mystery Novel
Language English
Characters Matt Fowler, Ruth Fowler, Frank Fowler, Bill Boudreau, Richard Strout, Dennis La Crosse,
Published 1982
ISBN 9780394720954
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In Killings”, by Andre Dubus, the protagonist, Matt Fowler, is faced with the dilemma of seeking revenge after his son is murdered. Fowler is a middle-aged man who is struggling to come to terms with his wife’s infidelity and his own increasing feelings of isolation and loneliness. When his son is killed, Fowler is consumed with thoughts of revenge and he sets out to track down the killer. However, as he gets closer to finding the killer, Fowler begins to question his own motives and he starts to see the killer as a human being, rather than a monster. This realization leads Fowler to ultimately forgive the killer and to find peace within himself.”

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