Essays on Kathy

Kathy is a character in the novel “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro. She is a student at the Hailsham boarding school, where she develops a close friendship with Tommy and Ruth. Kathy is a thoughtful and introspective person, and she is deeply affected by the knowledge that she and her classmates are clones who will be used for organ donation. Despite her resignation to her fate, Kathy still hopes to find love and happiness in her life.

Essay themes and ideas about Kathy

  • Kathy’s Selflessness
  • Kathy’s Devotion to Her Friends
  • Kathy’s Unwavering Hope
  • Kathy’s Quiet Strength
  • Kathy’s Unending Compassion
  • Kathy’s Acceptance of Fate
  • Kathy’s Radiant Inner Beauty
  • Kathy’s Generosity of Spirit
  • Kathy’s Unconditional Love
  • Kathy’s Transcendent Humanity