Essays on Heathcliff

Heathcliff is a dark and brooding character who is consumed by a desire for revenge. He is a Byronic hero, which means that he is a complex and troubled individual who is often misunderstood. Heathcliff is also a passionate and intense character who is capable of great love and great hatred.

Essay themes and ideas about Heathcliff

  • Heathcliff: A Byronic Hero
  • Heathcliff: A Tragic Figure
  • Heathcliff: A misunderstood loner
  • Heathcliff: A victim of circumstance
  • Heathcliff: A man ahead of his time
  • Heathcliff: A product of his environment
  • Heathcliff: A man of passion
  • Heathcliff: A man of violence
  • Heathcliff: A man of mystery
  • Heathcliff: An enigma