Essays on Hawkeye

Hawk-eye is a skilled woodsman and scout who is hired by the British Army to help track down the renegade Native American chief, Magua. He is an expert marksman with a rifle and is also proficient in using a bow and arrow. He is a brave and resourceful fighter who is not afraid to take on any challenge.

Essay themes and ideas about Hawkeye

  • The Life and Times of Hawkeye
  • From Trapper to Frontiersman
  • The Making of a Legend
  • Hawkeye – The Man Behind the Myth
  • The Real Hawkeye
  • The Myth and the Man
  • Hawkeye – The Frontier Hero
  • The Man who Made the West Safe for Civilization
  • Hawkeye – The Hero of the Frontier
  • The Legend of Hawkeye