Essays on Fatima

Fatima is a beautiful young woman who lives in the small village of Tarik in Morocco. She is in love with a shepherd boy named Santiago and is due to marry him soon. However, her father tells her that she must marry a wealthy man from the city instead. Fatima is torn between her love for Santiago and her duty to her family.

Essay themes and ideas about Fatima

  • Fatima is the love interest of the protagonist, Santiago.
  • Fatima is a beautiful and mysterious woman.
  • Fatima is a symbol of Santiago’s quest for his personal legend.
  • Fatima is an important figure in the allegorical story of The Alchemist.
  • Fatima represents the feminine principle in the novel.
  • Fatima is a wise woman who helps Santiago to understand his personal legend.
  • Fatima is a guardian angel who protects Santiago on his journey.
  • Fatima is a symbol of hope and love.
  • Fatima is a reminder that Santiago should never give up on his dreams.
  • Fatima is an important part of Santiago’s journey to find his personal legend.