Essays on Equality 72521

Equality-72521 is a character in the book Anthem, by Ayn Rand. He is a man who lives in a future society where people are not allowed to think or act independently, and are forced to conform to the group. Equality-72521 is different from the other people in his society because he has a sense of individuality and a desire to be free. He is an outcast and an enemy of the state, but he is also a hero.

Essay themes and ideas about Equality 72521

  • The Importance of Equality
  • The Struggle for Equality
  • The Fight for Equality
  • The Battle for Equality
  • The Pursuit of Equality
  • The Quest for Equality
  • The Search for Equality
  • The Journey for Equality
  • The Path to Equality
  • The Road to Equality