Essays on Deborah Lacks

Deborah Lacks is the daughter of Henrietta Lacks, a woman whose cells were taken without her knowledge or consent and used to create the first immortal human cell line. Deborah is haunted by her mother’s story and is determined to learn more about her, even though she knows that doing so may mean confronting her own demons.

Essay themes and ideas about Deborah Lacks

  • Deborah Lacks: A Strong and Determined Woman
  • The Life of Deborah Lacks: From Poverty to Power
  • Deborah Lacks: A Woman of Courage and Strength
  • The Inspiring Story of Deborah Lacks
  • From Rags to Riches: The Life of Deborah Lacks
  • Deborah Lacks: An Overcomer of Adversity
  • The Unstoppable Deborah Lacks
  • A True Rags-to-Riches Story: Deborah Lacks
  • The Incredible Journey of Deborah Lacks
  • The Remarkable Deborah Lacks: An Inspiration to Us All