Essays on Dad Rex Walls

Rex Walls is the father of the Walls children in Jeannette Walls’s memoir, The Glass Castle. A charismatic and often charming man, Rex is also an alcoholic who is unable to keep a job and often resorts to stealing and other illegal activities to support his family. While he does provide for his children in some ways, he is also abusive, both physically and emotionally. As a result, the Walls children often have to fend for themselves, which makes for a difficult and often dangerous childhood.

Essay themes and ideas about Dad Rex Walls

  • The Unpredictable Dad: Rex Walls from “The Glass Castle”
  • The Enigma of Rex Walls: A Character Study
  • The Many Faces of Rex Walls: A Complex Portrait
  • The Love/Hate Relationship with Rex Walls: A Daughter’s Perspective
  • The Jekyll and Hyde Nature of Rex Walls
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Look at Rex Walls
  • The Contradictions of Rex Walls
  • The Mystery of Rex Walls
  • The Fascinating Paradox of Rex Walls
  • The Unpredictable, Enigmatic, Complex, Love/Hate, Jekyll and Hyde, Good, Bad, and Ugly Rex Walls