Essays on Cora Munro

Cora Munro is the daughter of a British colonel and the sister of Alice Munro. She is travelling with her father and uncle to meet her betrothed, Major Duncan Heyward, when they are waylaid by a group of Huron Indians. Cora is eventually captured by the Huron chief, Magua, who plans to marry her. Heyward and the Munro sisters’ father rescue her, but Magua escapes.

Essay themes and ideas about Cora Munro

  • The Fierce and Loyal Cora Munro
  • The Daring and Adventurous Cora Munro
  • The Passionate and Driven Cora Munro
  • The Intelligent and Witty Cora Munro
  • The Courageous and Fearless Cora Munro
  • The Selfless and Compassionate Cora Munro
  • The Stubborn and Determined Cora Munro
  • The Vulnerable and Sensitive Cora Munro
  • The Loving and Caring Cora Munro
  • The Incredible and Resilient Cora Munro