Essays on Circe

Circe is a minor character in Homer’s Odyssey who plays a significant role in the story. She is a sorceress who turns Odysseus’ men into pigs and imprisons them on her island. Odysseus must overcome her powers in order to rescue his men and continue his journey home.

Essay themes and ideas about Circe

  • Circe as the Ultimate Temptress
  • Circe: The Witch of Odyssey
  • The Transformation of Circe
  • Circe’s Island of Enchantment
  • Circe: The Sorceress of Odyssey
  • The Power of Circe
  • Circe and the Odyssey
  • Circe: The Witch of Aeaea
  • Circe and her Island of Magic
  • The Myth of Circe