Essays on Charlotte Haze

Charlotte Haze is the mother of Dolores Haze, the protagonist of the novel Lolita. Charlotte is a beautiful and doting mother, but she is also selfish and often neglects her daughter in favor of her own social life. Charlotte is also sexually promiscuous, and she eventually has an affair with Dolores’ father, Humbert Humbert. This affair leads to Charlotte’s untimely death, and Dolores is left to fend for herself.

Essay themes and ideas about Charlotte Haze

  • Charlotte Haze: A Character Analysis
  • The Tragic Figure of Charlotte Haze
  • Charlotte Haze: A Woman Ahead of Her Time
  • Charlotte Haze: A Study in Contrasts
  • The Many Faces of Charlotte Haze
  • Charlotte Haze: An enigma wrapped in a mystery
  • Charlotte Haze: A woman of mystery
  • The riddle of Charlotte Haze
  • Who was Charlotte Haze?
  • The many mysteries of Charlotte Haze