Essays on Charlie Gordon

Charlie Gordon is a mentally disabled man who undergoes an experimental surgical procedure to increase his intelligence. The surgery is successful, and Charlie’s IQ skyrockets. He becomes a genius, but the side effects of the surgery are slowly killing him. As he realizes his impending death, Charlie tries to make the most of his remaining time and leaves a lasting legacy.

Essay themes and ideas about Charlie Gordon

  • The Unlikable Protagonist: Why Charlie Gordon is Unlikable and Why We Still Root for Him
  • The Tragic Fall of Charlie Gordon: How “Algernon” Proves That Intelligence is Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be
  • The Heartbreaking Reality of Charlie Gordon’s Life: Why “Algernon” is a Tragedy
  • The Inevitable Downfall of Charlie Gordon: How “Algernon” Proves That Hubris is Doomed to Destroy Us
  • The Cruelty of Fate: Why Charlie Gordon Deserves Better Than What “Algernon” Gives Him
  • The Power of Love: Why Charlie Gordon’s Relationship with Alice is the Only Thing That Matters
  • The Tragic Hero of “Algernon”: Why Charlie Gordon is the True Hero of the Story
  • The Pity of Charlie Gordon: Why We Feel Sorry for the Protagonist of “Algernon”
  • The Hope of Charlie Gordon: Why “Algernon” Gives Us Hope for the Future
  • The Legacy of Charlie Gordon: What “Algernon” Means for Us Today