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Why is Hamlet able to kill in hot blood and not cold blood?
...We know that Hamlet had a dislike for unnecessary fighting (Act 4, Scene 4) and felt repulsed by the attack on Poland for some worthless land. (Act 4, Scene 4) . It can be deemed that Hamlet felt an affinity with Fortenbras as in Act 5, Scene 2 Hamle...
And do we blame Superstition for what we come to pass?
...Edward didn't understand this because he has been brought up thinking that superstition was nonsense. Although playing with guns seemed like a game, it turned out to be deadly later on in their lives. Later on, Edward, Mickey and Linda get spotted th...
Whose Life Is It Anyway?-by Brian Clark
...Whose Life Is It Anyway? Demonstrates how the physical and inner journey can result in characters, like ken (and Dr Scott) gaining new insight and understanding of themselves and the world around them by facing the challenges and obstacles that imped...
How Technology Affects our Lives?
...With the purchase of a traditional book, your consumer ends when you walk out of the bookstore. With a wirelessly connected Kindle or Iphone, or your Wi-Fi-enabled computer, you exist in a perpetual state of potential consumerism” (205). To sum eve...