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Call of the wild
Original title Call of the wild
Author Jack London
Genre Adventure Fiction
Language English
Characters Buck,Klondike Gold Rush, John Thornton, Spitz
Published 1903
ISBN 978-0-14-027534-9
Book Summary
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About Call of the Wild Book

Call of the Wild is an adventure novel by Jack London, published in 1903. The book is set in Yukon, Canada, during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1890. During this period, sled dogs were popular. It tells the story of a particular sled dog named Buck, who was stolen from his home in Santa Clara Valley in California. His new life of struggle and hustle made him.

At the end of the book, Buck becomes crude when he realizes that he has to fight for his life.  The story was originally written in The Saturday Evening Post in 1903 and later published. The book’s success made it one of the most popular in the early 1990s, and its reputation made it a cinema-adapted material.

Call of the Wild Summary

An essay on call of the wild is not complete without the book’s summary. The story starts with the dog character named Buck, a sled dog living a domesticated life in Santa Clara, California before he was stolen to start wildlife. After being shipped away, he is taken to the north and abused as the journey continues. He meets other dogs just like him.

Reality dawned on him after a dog was killed in his presence; he realized he needed to fight for his life. He develops a primitive instinct that puts him on the list of the enemy dog, Spitz.  The two dogs put up a fight, and Buck eventually kills Spitz and he becomes the new leader of the group. The book continues with Buck and the group being sold to different people and Buck being the team’s leader and decision maker.

Call of The Wild Quotes

“The Yukon was straining to break loose the ice that bound it down.” – Jack London.

“She didn’t want to be around me. I didn’t want to be around anybody, so I came here. And I met you.” – John Thornton.

“We all fall together, but we get up as one.” Bob 

“I hope to find peace. But I know as I am there may be no home for me in this world.” -John Thornton.

“He was less attentive to his owner’s commands than his instincts.” – John Thornton.

“Out here, under an open sky, Buck felt a cold he’d never known.” – John Thornton.

“Doing the work of a sled dog brought Buck confidence and joy. Now he belonged to a pack.” –   John Thornton.

“In this realm, Buck was king.” –John Thorton.

Essay Structure on Call of the Wild


How engaging your work is will be determined by your introduction. You should begin your introduction by outlining your thesis, your theory, and your perspective on the overall plot, the main characters, and the book’s central themes. You must, however, keep your readers’ attention before offering your argument.

To keep your readers’ attention on the topic, you must open with an intriguing passage from the book, such as a quote, a thought experiment on the central idea, or a humorous passage. Your thesis statement must be unambiguous.

The Body Paragraphs

The body of the paragraph expresses your position, which you outlined in the introduction, in full detail. Additionally, the body paragraphs must include specifics, anecdotes, and examples from Call of the Wild that support your claim. These examples ought to appear in the text.

The body paragraph of your essay might be broken into a minimum of three sections. The opening paragraph of your essay’s body should contain your most vital argument point. The remaining sentences ought to do the same. You can create supporting argument points and provide examples and instances in the other paragraphs. When examples are provided, you should explain why the examples are relevant to your point of view.  


The conclusion is neither a summary of your essay nor your opinion on all the points made. Your text’s conclusion section, which is the last paragraph, should be used to support your claims. The same applies to your conclusion as it does to the body paragraphs.

Your final paragraph should begin with a statement summarizing your points and directing the reader back to them. Finally, you should conclude your argument with memorable words that will please your audience. Put a call to action for a better world in your closing statement. 

Tips to Consider While Writing An Essay About Call of the Wild.

Read the book thoroughly

Without initially reading the book, creating an effective essay about it is impossible. The same holds for your essay about Call of the Wild. Reading the book is not the same as quickly sliding the pages. You can think of the questions that must be addressed by properly reading the text. Call of The Wild is written in simple and contemporary English.

Reading can help you comprehend a book’s tales and characters, the author’s viewpoint, the flaws in the characters, and the required literary devices employed. An understanding of your chosen text will prompt you to choose a captivating topic.  

Find a compelling topic

The second aspect of creating an excellent essay is this. The topic of your essay is the most crucial element because it is what readers will initially see before deciding whether or not to continue reading.

The next step is to choose a subject that will interest your intended audience. But you can’t have a fascinating title if you haven’t read the book. Your theme needs to cover the main points of the narrative, the author’s artistic vision, the current issues, and a significant resolution.

Finding a good topic will also enable you to comprehend the message the author wishes to convey to the audience, the reality that the narrative depicts, with the writer’s background.  

Write the thesis statement

Your thesis statement follows. Your essay’s main point should be included in your thesis statement. Even when you have a strong argument, you should keep presenting evidence to back it up. Be aware that your argument must be concise and precise. A strong, focused thesis statement. Don’t be vague, and use any intriguing passages from the book. Ensure that you do good research, both on the book and what your subject matter would be. Remember you don’t want to write out points.

Create the outline

When your argument is clear, you must organize your work in a concise outline. Your essay needs to be organized clearly and correctly. Make a plan that your building will adhere to. The next stage is to arrange your ideas and create a framework for them. The three essential parts of your essay—the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion—should all be included in the outline. Specific material for the three basic structures has been described in the first few paragraphs. Creating an outline helps you analyze your story, this analysis should be followed through as you write your essay.

The hook for readers is the opening sentence. This is where you’ll find the attention-grabbing language and angles for your essay. Further information about the book and the author may be included in the introduction.   

The body paragraphs are where your argument is presented. Note that they must be relevant arguments, with each paragraph holding your points. Your outline can also be divided according to the book’s plot structure itself. Which event comes first, which comes last, and most importantly, how do these events form the story?

The conclusion must ascertain your points mentioned above. It must firmly put out your impression on your readers.

Include a lesson or moral

A moral lesson should be included in your writing. Your story’s subject should make the moral lesson clear. Your story must demonstrate the didactic component, your belief, your point of view, and the subject matter. An instance of Buck’s survival in the fighting field is a lesson for readers to never give up. When people read your article, you want them to remember Buck and his resilient spirit. However, you should have a concise thesis to capture the points you want to make in your essay.

Conclusion: Proofread your work

Finally, make sure to edit your writing carefully. You must reread the essay, make revisions, and then proofread it to look for inaccuracies. Your article may contain spelling or semantic mistakes. You can find flaws and fix them with the assistance of proofreading. Additionally, as you are editing, you might change your ideas. Rereading can spark ideas that you hadn’t thought about while writing.

If you’re having trouble creating an essay about Call of the Wild, one of our writers can provide you with a detailed piece. 


What is the Main Message of  Call of the Wild?

Call of the Wild by Jack London carries an obvious message of strife and survival and Buck, a house pet, is forced to fight for his life. Buck overcomes the several obstacles he faced and he allows his wild instinct to overtake him. Buck didn’t rest until he became the leader of the group.

What is the Conclusion of Call of the Wild?

The story ends with the murder of Buck’s Master, Thorton and Bucks quest to revenge on the death of his master on the Yeehat tribe. Buck eventually becomes the leader of the pack and he seeks refuge with them.

What is Call of the Wild Important?

Call of the Wild is important because it focuses on self-determination and hope for survival as Buck survives all that life throws at him. After leaving his home, he finds solace in a new master, Thorton who trains him to fight on the field. Buck

What is the Summary of Call of the Wild?

The story of Call of the Wild is the story of a sled dog named Buck who was stolen from his home and left to survive in a wilder environment. He adjusts well to the new competitive environment he now finds himself.

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