Essays on Cacambo

Cacambo is a character in Voltaire’s “Candide.” He is a native of Paraguay who befriends Candide and accompanies him on his travels. He is street-wise and resourceful, and often helps Candide out of difficult situations.

Essay themes and ideas about Cacambo

  • Cacambo: A Trusted Friend and Confidant
  • Cacambo: A Man of Many Talents
  • Cacambo: A Worthy Companion
  • Cacambo: A Man of Action
  • Cacambo: A True Friend
  • Cacambo: A Man of His Word
  • Cacambo: A Loyal Friend
  • Cacambo: A Man of Integrity
  • Cacambo: A Trustworthy Friend
  • Cacambo: A Friend Indeed