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Bayonet Charge
Original title Bayonet Charge
Author Ted Hughes


Language English
Characters The Narrator, The Soldier, The Officer, The General, The Enemy
Published 1968
ISBN 9780571267310
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The poem “Bayonet Charge” by Ted Hughes is about the horror of war. The speaker is a soldier who is about to go into battle. He is scared and wants to turn back, but he knows he has to go on. The poem is full of the sound of gunfire and the smell of blood. The soldier feels like he is going to die, but he keeps going.

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FAQ about Bayonet Charge

How do poets present the experience of soldiers in war in Bayonet Charge and one other poem?
...In conclusion, both poems present soldier’s experiences of wars in similar ways, but the poets have different ideas about this theme. In my opinion Bayonet Charge is the more effective poem as it tells the reader how soldiers truly experience wars....
How Is Conflict Presented in Bayonet Charge?
...This is because the poet is describing the attack to his audience. “Bayonet Charge” uses onomatopoeia, alliteration and assonance and the senses to bring the images described to life. “Stumbling across...” is an awkward line to read, which ev...