Essays on Asagai

Asagai is a student from Nigeria who is studying in America. He is very interested in American culture and is always trying to learn more about it. He is also very interested in Beneatha, the young woman he is courting.

Essay themes and ideas about Asagai

  • Asagai is a Nigerian student who is studying in America.
  • Asagai is a very intelligent and well-educated man.
  • Asagai is very interested in the cultural differences between America and Nigeria.
  • Asagai is a very kind and gentle man.
  • Asagai is very patient with Beneatha and her many questions.
  • Asagai is very critical of Beneatha’s materialistic lifestyle.
  • Asagai believes that Beneatha is wasting her life by not appreciating her heritage.
  • Asagai is very proud of his Nigerian culture and heritage.
  • Asagai is very interested in Beneatha’s African heritage.
  • Asagai believes that Beneatha should return to Nigeria to learn more about her culture.