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As For Me and My House
Original title As For Me and My House
Author Sinclair Ross
Genre Fiction
Language English
Characters Mrs. Bentley, John Bentley, Mrs. Palmer, Sammy Palmer, Mrs. Rothwell, Mr. Rothwell, Mrs. Grant, Mr. Grant, Mrs. Ferguson, Mr. Ferguson ...
Published 1941
ISBN 9780888644375
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As For Me And My House is a novel by Sinclair Ross that was first published in 1941. The novel is set in the Canadian Prairies during the Dirty Thirties, a period of severe economic hardship. The novel follows the lives of a young couple, John and Myrtle, as they try to make a life for themselves in the midst of the Depression. The novel is a portrait of life on the Prairies during this difficult time, and it is also a love story. John and Myrtle must contend with the harsh realities of life on the Prairies, but their love for each other helps them to persevere.

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