Essays on Annemarie Johansen

Annemarie Johansen is a ten-year-old girl living in Copenhagen, Denmark during World War II. When the Nazis invade Denmark, Annemarie’s family goes into hiding to avoid being sent to a concentration camp. Annemarie is brave and resourceful, and she helps her family and friends survive the war.

Essay themes and ideas about Annemarie Johansen

  • Annemarie Johansen: A Strong and Resilient Young Girl
  • The Johansen Family: A Close-Knit and Supportive Unit
  • Uncle Henrik: A Caring and Protective Figure
  • Ellen Rosen: A True Friend in Times of Trouble
  • The Rosens: A Generous and Compassionate Family
  • The Danish Resistance: A Group of Brave and Determined Individuals
  • The German Soldiers: A Threat to the Danish People
  • The Star of David: A Symbol of Hope and Freedom
  • The Journey to Sweden: A Difficult but Necessary Task
  • The End of the War: A Time of Joy and Relief