Essays on Angel Clare

Angel Clare is the male protagonist of Thomas Hardy’s novel Tess of the d’Urbervilles. He is a young gentleman from a wealthy family who is studying to be a clergyman. He meets Tess when she is working as a milkmaid on his family’s farm and is immediately attracted to her. He pursues her despite the objections of his family and friends, who think she is beneath him. They eventually marry, but their happiness is short-lived when Angel discovers that Tess has a child from a previous relationship. He rejects her, leaving her heartbroken. Tess eventually forgives him and they reunite, but tragedy strikes and Angel is killed. Tess is left to raise their child alone.

Essay themes and ideas about Angel Clare

  • The Many Sides of Angel Clare
  • The Enigma that is Angel Clare
  • A Complex Character: Angel Clare
  • The Contradictions of Angel Clare
  • The Jekyll and Hyde Nature of Angel Clare
  • The Duality of Angel Clare
  • The Ambiguity of Angel Clare
  • The Paradox of Angel Clare
  • The Mystery of Angel Clare
  • The Enigma of Angel Clare