Essays on Achilles

Achilles is the central character in Homer’s Iliad. He is the greatest warrior of the Greeks and is pitted against the greatest warrior of the Trojans, Hector. Achilles is proud and vengeful, and his actions lead to the death of many men, including his best friend Patroclus. In the end, Achilles is killed by Hector, but not before he takes revenge by killing Hector.

Essay themes and ideas about Achilles

  • Achilles: The Hero of Homer’s Iliad
  • Achilles: A Tragic Hero
  • Achilles: The Greatest Warrior of the Iliad
  • Achilles and His Tragic Flaw
  • Achilles: The Man Who Wasn’t Invincible
  • Achilles: A Character Study
  • Achilles: The Anti-Hero of the Iliad
  • Achilles: The Hero Who Lived by His Own Code
  • Achilles: A Hero Who Suffered from Hubris
  • Achilles: A Hero Who Met a Tragic End